Please Mr Postman! My guide to maintaining your sanity while waiting for that package


waiting cat The excitement and general jolly-ness of purchasing something online makes me all warm and toasty inside. I generally think very carefully about my online purchases and spend a lot of time shopping around to get the best deal, so when I finally decide to click that ‘check out’ button you know something good is going down (to the local or not so local post shop).That happy heart rate increases again as soon as you get a friendly ‘your parcel is on it’s way’ message, but then comes the dark hour/days/weeks/omg please no not months of waiting. And waiting, and waiting. Have a look at my guide/list of how to get through this troubling time!

Most of my online purchases occur with the help of YouShop, which is great and terrible all at the same time. First you have that initial panic of whether you wrote your YouShop address correctly, and if the package will even ever get to the YouShop warehouse, which is in a town you have never ever heard of, not even in a movie. That reassuring moment of a quick email from YouShop saying they have your package is just really not enough to calm your nerves for the long trek ahead. The package is on its way …. your waiting again.

So any ways, the purpose of this blog post is not to remind you of the harsh times in online shopping, it’s to share ways in which to keep yourself occupied whist waiting for that package. Here’s my list below, do you do any of these things? Have I missed anything out? xx

What to do while waiting for Mr Postman.

  1. Check the tracking information several times a day, you seriously can’t do it enough times. If you really want to push it, use the live chat feature and just double check that your package is where it says it is.
  2. Ensure that every single person in your household and those who regularly visit are aware that you are waiting for a package, just in case they see it first. In fact, send out a group awareness text, tweet and Facebook message, don’t forget to include the neighbours.
  3. Strike up a conversation with the postie or local courier. I’d recommend bringing up the fact that you are really disappointed that less people are choosing to use mail services. Of course add in a little side note that you are in fact using the postal service at this very moment – if only that package could get here a little faster *sigh*.
  4. Do some more online shopping! Remember that old saying “nothing helps you forget the last like the next” – or something like that. Obsessing about another online purchase being processed will easily take your mind off the first one.
  5. Plan out exactly what you are going to do with your new products. What look will you wear that lipstick with? When’s an appropriate occasion to try out that new full coverage foundation? But, do this with caution! Do not plan to wear one of the new products on an exact very soon date, you may be setting yourself up for even more heartbreak if the parcel doesn’t meet your deadline.
  6. Read and watch reviews online, but only if you know you can handle it. This will not only be exciting but also very educational. It may however as with idea 5, increasing your lusting for your new pretty things, so again, use with caution.

Good luck waiting for your parcels and packages everyone! You will all be the first to know when my new babies from Nordstrom arrive * looks out the window wistfully*

Don't you just hate it when this happens!
Don’t you just hate it when this happens!