Posie K dupes


After playing around with my new Lip Kits by Kylie I’ve discovered some Posie K dupes. Both are cheaper than buying the original and are shipped worldwide. So, if you are loving the dusty, mauve pink by KJ but are wanting an alternative have a look at the comparisons below!

Posie K dupes

♥ Jeffree Star – Doll Parts

Doll Parts is a Velour Liquid Lipstick by Jeffree Star. His liquid lipsticks are one of my favourite lip products of all time due to the range of shades and impressive staying power (check out my review here). In the swatch above you can see that Doll Parts is a very similar texture to Posie K but definitely is a brighter pink. I’ve found on my lips the shade often starts off brighter but darkens after drying.

You can purchase Doll Parts from Jeffree Star Cosmetics  for $18 USD plus shipping. It’s vegan and 100% cruelty free. One liquid lipstick is 0.19 oz ($94.00 per ounce) and the packaging is sturdy and cute. I particularly like the doe-foot applicator. It’s a dupe to Posie K if you don’t mind the shade being a bit brighter, but it’s not perfect.

♥ Colourpop – Clueless

Clueless is an Ultra Matte Nude from Colourpop which is also described as a dusty, mauve pink. Colourpop are famously known for their large range of products at affordable prices (you can see my Colourpop hauls here and here). They also have pencils and liners to match most of their lip shades so you can get yourself  a set just like a Lip Kit. When comparing Clueless to Posie K it’s very hard to find a lot of differences. The shade is practically the same once dry and the formula is also very similar. In fact, I slightly prefer the Clueless formula as it drys faster and is less drying on my lips. I’ve also had a few issues with my Lip Kit products feathering (see my full Posie K and Koko K review here) and Clueless doesn’t do this.

You can buy Clueless online at Colourpop Cosmetics  for $6 USD plus shipping. Colourpop is cruelty free and this particular product is vegan, although not all their products are. One Ultra Matte Lip is 0.11 oz ($54.00 per oz). The packaging and applicator both get big ticks from me. This product in my opinion is probably the closest dupe you can find for Posie K and has the bonus of being a great formula.


Above is Posie K on the top lip and Clueless on the bottom lip. With the flash, Clueless seems a little lighter as it is a thinner consistency.

♥ Kylie Cosmetics – Posie K 

To help with comparing here are the Posie K basic stats:

It’s cruelty free and vegan. The shade is a dusty, mauve pink with a silky feel and matte finish (I agree with the beautiful silky feel but it’s still a bit drying!). Posie K can be purchased online at Kylie Cosmetics  for $29.00 USD plus shipping, you get one liquid lipstick and one matching lip liner in a kit. The liquid lipstick is 0.11 oz ($263.00 per oz). The colour is beautiful and I love how to get the matching set, although it’s getting pretty up there with pricing, especially if you have to pay for shipping outside of America.

♥ In conclusion… I would highly recommend trying out Clueless from Colourpop first. Not only is it smooth, long lasting and non drying but it is practically exactly the same shade. You can even purchase the ‘Contempo’ lip pencil alongside it if you want the lip pencil and liquid lipstick set. Also, you are looking at a price difference of $23 USD for the base product which is massively significant.

Have you discovered any other Posie K dupes? Share them below!