My purple lipstick picks from the winter season

5 purple lipsticks One of my favourite parts of winter was the amazing purple lipsticks which came with the colder weather. Although I also really liked the trend of vampy darker lips along with bold browns (think Wicked and Salem – Lime Crime Velvetines), purple just works for me best! With purple lips becoming a popular trend there have been so many to choose from, so I have pulled together my favourite 5 purple lipsticks of the season – covering a range of brands, prices and availability.

♥ Number 1: ‘Up the Amp’ – MAC 

I purchased this lipstick online just through the swatch on the website catching my attention and it has quickly become my most worn lipstick of the winter. It is an amplified creme which is a pinky purple shade. This is a great colour if you are just starting to dip into the world of purples, it’s like a gentle introduction as it is so wearable and not super bold. I have worn this to big events as well as just everyday. This is a colour I will buy again and again. $16.00 USD $40.00 NZ, buy instore at MAC or online at

Ball Make up

♥ Number 2: ‘Ravin’ Raisin’ – Wet ‘n’ Wild

From the Megalast collection, this is one of the most long wearing lipsticks I have ever come across. Ravin’ Raisin is a matte, yet moisturising and creamy lip colour which is absolutely incredible for the price.This is definitely the darkest, more plum purple out of these five. I brought this one on a whim and most of the photos and swatches online just don’t do it justice. I recommend trying this purple out and grabbing a few other Megalast lippys while you’re there! $2.75 online at

ravin raisin

♥ Number 3: ‘To-ki-o’ – Australis VelourLips

I am now only two off owning this whole collection, and I’m not just buying them for fun.The matte formula goes on really easily and ‘To-ki-o’ is a great deeper yet bright purple shade which is build-able colour wise. If you are looking to go purple and bold then this is a great choice. Also it smells like lolly gum drops which is another win. The only downfall of this one is that it does tend to feather, but only after a few decent hours of wear. I recently wore this to NZFW when I was blogging backstage and it lasted through a crazy busy day. RRP $14.95 instore at Farmers and Kmart (cheapest at Kmart!)

heroine selfie

♥ Number 4: ‘Utopia’ – Lime Crime Velvetines

If you follow my blog regularly or my Instagram you will already know how excited I was for this shade to come out and how much I love it. This shade is a vibrant Orchid which looks more pink on some people and much more purple on others. I love the way it glides on and lasts through the day. It’s a bold colour colour but yet very safe as it is totally wearable in all different occasions. This is another great one if you are just wanting to try out a purple shade and it also suits so many different skin tones. $30.00 online photo 2

♥ Number 5: ‘Heroine’ – MAC

This was that must have lipstick over winter time and I am still loving it now it’s spring. The bright violet colour is just so pretty and I love its full opaque cover. As with all MAC lipsticks it has that amazing vanilla-ish scent and glides on smoothly. If your looking for a cult favourite purple lipstick then this is the one for you. I have decided from this point on that I am going to try and wear mine much more often. $16.00 USD $40.00 NZ instore or online


So what is your favourite purple lipstick? And what do you think of the purple lipstick trend? Here to stay? – or please go away!