Q&A with Genevieve from EVE Lashes

EVE Lashes

It’s Q&A time with Genevieve from EVE Lashes! Not only is Genevieve a talented makeup artist, but she also owns and operates EVE Lashes, an incredible lash subscription service which makes sure you are always lash rich! Check out her story below where she tells us what it’s like running a beauty business in NZ and what the easiest way to apply false lashes is!

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♥ 1) What gave you the idea to start EVE lashes?
The idea actually came about in 2013 (so it’s been a long time coming), I did Shave for a Cure and my false eyelash wearing basically became a non-negotiable, once I was bald I was wearing them religiously everyday. Once this happened my false eyelash purchasing went from manageable to out of control. I knew I couldn’t be the only girl that would run out of false lashes at the most inopportune times and also loved receiving things in the mail that weren’t bills. It was around the same time that subscription beauty boxes were starting to become popular, so by combining my love for lashes and the convenience of a subscription service the EVE Lashes concept was born (and then sat on the shelf for a few years). I decided to take the makeup from being a “on the side” passion and making it my full time gig. The more makeup I did, the more I realised there wasn’t a false eyelash brand I was in love with and my understanding of the industry and the product had grown massively, so it wasn’t long until the dust got brushed off the EVE Lashes idea and it officially launched January 2016. 

♥ 2) What’s it like running your own NZ beauty business?
I’m getting to build relationships with some amazing up and coming kiwi beauty bloggers which is awesome. The other thing I like about it is the challenges, like competing with big international brands that have big marketing budget at their disposable and getting the brand in front of the right people.  I love how rewarding it is when people sign up and tell me how stoked they are that this is a NZ service.


♥ 3) What’s the coolest thing about your job and being your own boss?
Flexibility and freedom, I get to choose what I want to do and when I want to do it. I don’t have to get approval or sign off from anyone to launch a promotion or special offer – which means I can do things my way and give customers the best value possible. After spending many years working in a corporate industry this took a little getting used to, but I love it now. Buying makeup now is also justified as a business expense so that is awesome, however the bank account still doesn’t totally agree! Oh and I get to spend heaps more time with my dog!



♥ 4) What’s your favourite go-to makeup look?
Recently I’ve been going for a more natural look. I love a good set of brows and fresh dewy skin. I always opt for more warm copper/orange tones on my eyes to make the blue pop and if I’m feeling lazy I’ll actually just use my M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish powder in “Medium Deep”  as any eyeshadow too! For this kind of look I’d always wear either the EVE Shanny or the EVE Taryn lashes as they’re an awesome natural style.


♥ 5) What tips would you give to people who find false lashes really difficult to apply?
Honestly practice makes perfect, I’ve never met anyone that nailed false eyelashes on their first try. Make sure you measure them against your eye before applying glue so you can cut them down to fit, applying lashes that are too long width wise will make it harder. Personally I find using a applicator tool easier because I find my stumpy fingers get in the way haha. Also lashes that have a clear band, like the Taryn or Larah lashes can be easier to apply as they are more flexible than lashes on a fabric band.


♥ 6) Which eye makeup remover do you recommend? MAC Gentle off
My go to is the M.A.C Cosmetics Gentle Off Eye & Lip Remover, which is the one in the red bottle. I love it because I don’t feel I need to go and wash my face again after using it. I find lots of removers leave a residue on your skin, but this ones doesn’t.

♥ 7) What’s your favourite makeup brand? 
How do I name just one?? At the moment I’m loving Colour Pop and Marc Jacobs Beauty.

♥ 8) Favourite ice cream flavour of all time??
So most people find this crazy but I LOVE orange choc chip! My fiancé hates it so I know it will always be in the freezer untouched haha

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