Quick ways to make your beauty routine faster

beauty routine Time is money and all that stuff… so here are six quick ways to make your beauty routine faster! (Or at least seem faster!)

♥ Number 1: Read while you blow dry

I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember and it actually makes me look forward to blow drying my hair, whereas in the past I have absolutely loathed the amount of time it takes to get my hair dry. Grab a good book or a magazine, use your cellphone to keep your page open and dry away – the time will go by super quick!

♥ Number 2: Put a hair mask in overnight

Many hair masks recommend being left in for 20-30 minutes, I say let it work its magic all night. As long as you factor in time for a good shampoo in the morning you’ll love the feeling of having a moisturising treatment in your hair overnight. I apply mine from the ends up to the hair at my ear length and then tie it into a high bun before I go to bed. Use an old pillow slip or lay a towel over where your head will be and you’re good to go. In the morning when you rinse it out your hair will feel like silk and all you did was sleep!

NKD Hair
My favourite hair mask – from nkdbody.com

♥ Number 3: Paint your nails while watching a show

Sitting painting my nails in silence would probably kill me and my patience, so I get everything I need handy, sit on my bed and set myself up with a good 30 minutes minimum show to watch. Staying focused on a show should stop you from trying to get up and do things which could ruin all your hard work. Also, if you time it right you’ll do your final coat a little while before the show ends so your nails have time to dry.

♥ Number 4: Get your brows and lashes done 

Having my brows tinted and shaped, along with my lashes tinted and lifted saves so much time during my morning beauty routine. You don’t have to add as much product to nicely tinted brows and if they are shaped a quick brush through should get them in place. Having your lashes lifted means no curling is needed, most of the time on a daily basis with lifted and tinted lashes you won’t even need to apply mascara – time saving!

makeup organisation

♥ Number 5: Be organised

Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to wear that one particular lipstick and not being able to find it anywhere. And then you spend about 15 minutes looking for it and texting your friend to say “totally almost there, just finding a park” when you haven’t even left the house. Being organised can save you masses amount of time. Keep products you use often easy to reach for and create ways to organise your products that work for you. You need organisation that is practical, a bonus is if it also shows off your collection in a cute way. Need some tips? Click here!

♥ Number 6: Have multi-use products

Multi-use products are particularly useful when you are in a rush to touch up your makeup to head out somewhere straight from work, or if you just don’t have much room in your handbag to cart products around. Excessive amounts of products make things more complicated and take longer. Use your bronzer and highlighter as eye shadows, your stick blusher as a lipstick or the other way round, a gel brow product could be used as an eyeliner, Jeffree Star even says that his liquid lipsticks can be used as eyeliner – get creative!

Jeffree Star Queen Supreme
@makeupby_ea using ‘Queen Supreme’ as liner

What’s your number 1 tip for making your beauty routine faster or feel faster?