Random Weekend Haul #2 – Farmers, The Warehouse, Lush and a Big Bucket Sale

random weekend haul 2 This Saturday I ended up grabbing a few items on a day out and about – which turned into a bit of an unexpected random weekend haul – but seriously almost every store I walked into was having a sale. I also haven’t gone out and purchased make up in what feels like truly forever as I have decided to be bit more careful with my money at the moment. But it’s cool right? Because almost everything was on sale (nod your head with me here). Any ways have a peek at the bargains I picked up!

♥ Farmers Here I picked up two things, the Sukin Facial Moisturiser for sensitive skin and an Australis Velourlips in the shade Tok-i-o. In regards to the moisturiser, I’ve just been wanting to try something new out and I’ve heard really good things about this brand, I loved reading all of the natural ingredients on the back of the bottle and finding out that it’s paraben free and cruelty free among some other great stuff. I’m currently working on a post about my daily skin care so watch this space to see how it all goes! I have been considering buying the Velourlips for ages to the point where the boyf was like “just hurry up and buy it’. I already have one in the hot pink shade Mal-i-bo and love the texture so I’m thinking I’ll fall in love with this one all the same. P.S handy hint – most Australis products at Kmart are actually at least a dollar or two cheaper than at Farmers – but Kmart has less stock, so check there first.

♥ The Warehouse They had 30% off all makeup products for a few days, so it was a great time to happen to stop by. I ended up buying the new Maybelline Matte Maker – which was a weird purchase because I haven’t heard anything about this product, but I am still in search of the perfect product which will keep my face oil free and with such a discounted price I decided to give it a try. I feel like it’s going to be the wrong shade for me now looking at it at home, but whatever, we’ll see. I also brought some Baby Shampoo which I use for washing my makeup brushes.  My final purchase here was Garnier Perfect Blur. I recently saw the L’Oreal equivalent of this on the Lilymint Blog and I guess I just had Blur creams on my mind – that’s normal right? It swatched really well and felt amazing on my hand so I’m excited to use it tomorrow. It also apparently helps with shine so hopefully I’m killing two birds with one stone here.

♥ Big Bucket Sale I’m starting to think that I kind of love to hate these sales – I go every single fricken time they roll around even though I grumble and moan that the products are not what I was hoping for, that they’re old, messy, weird and all of the above. I am leaving these sales each time with less and less, they really need to up the knowledge of their staff, the cleanliness of the products and the amount of hair care products they sell – however, rant over. I left with my essential Huggies Baby Wipes, a cool bonus two pack of Maybelline Baby Lips Balms and a pretty, dark blue Essie Nail Polish (which was almost $13 cheaper than in stores).

♥ Lush Last thing, I ran out of my Tea Tree Water last week and my skin was missing it so bad! It’s crazy, it is like the simplest thing, Tea Tree Water and Grapefruit Water but it works such a treat on my skin as a toner. It’s so fresh and lovely feeling and I like using it knowing that the antibacterial properties of tea tree are helping my sometimes breakout prone skin. I got the bigger bottle this time so there isn’t any tea tree emergencies any time soon.

My Favourites Of The Month will be up in the next week or two – and you never know what might end up there from here, so be sure to check it out! Did you find any of these good sales this week? I’d also love to know what you all think of those Big Bucket Deals sales?