Remington Silk Italia Hair Dryer

Remington Silk Italia Hair dryer

The Remington Silk Italia Hair Dryer is my new favourite beauty tool. Nothing improves my mornings more than being able to dry my hair quickly and having it look and feel soft and silky before I rush out the door to work. For the past year or so I have gone through a range of pretty terrible hair dryers, including one which literally caught on fire while I was using it! So, when I was given the chance to try out this new Italian made Remington dryer I couldn’t wash my hair fast enough!

The first thing I noticed with the Silk Italia Hair Dryer was how much more powerful it is compared to other hair dryers I have used. The 2300 watts definitely takes a decent five minutes or more off my usual drying time, which is valuable extra time in the mornings.

My hair feels dry afterwards but not dried out, and it has a really nice smooth look and feel. This could be a result of the conditioning ionic technology. Now I’ll be honest I’ve heard about ions and hair dryers before, but never quite got the concept of how it all works or how it helps your hair, so I did a little research!

Basically ions are negatively or positively charged components and water in your wet hair is positively charged. When a hair dryer releases negatively charged ions it divides up the positive water molecules into smaller particles which then evaporate faster, which means your hair takes less time to dry! Less time under hot heat means less damage. Some appliances, like the Remington Silk Italia even release conditioning ions.  Also, some research says that having ions released from your dryer can also help products work better in your hair. I always use my Eleven Hair Miracle treatment along with Argan oil in my damp hair before drying, so it’s good to know my hair dryer could be helping these work even better!

I recently got a fresh new colour done to go a little lighter for the summer, so along with this and my new hairdryer I’m having a lot of good hair days!

remington silk Italia


You can click here to find out where your closest stockist of the Remington Silk Italia Hair Dryer is, along with the rest of the Remington range. At $169.99 it isn’t the cheapest hair dryer on the market, but the appliance is the most high quality hair dryer I’ve ever used and along with it’s drying speed and the way it leaves my hair I think it’s well worth it!

* Hair dryer was provided to me as a PR sample, however as always my thoughts and opinions are of my own =)