Remington Straightening Brush Review

Remington straightening brush review

I’ve been straightening my hair for years now and I’ve used a wide range of flat irons and products along the way, but I’ve never used anything like the Remington Keratin and Argan Oil Straightening Brush. This straightener is a plug in device which straightens and smooths while you comb it through your hair just like using a normal paddle style hair brush. I was sceptical at how this would hold up against my beloved GHD’s, however I’ve found it does a few things that my GHD doesn’t.

♥ How I use it

The Straightening Brush has three different heat settings which are easily selected through pushing the power button. I go for the highest heat setting which is shown by three red lights. My hair isn’t very thick but I do have a lot of hair, so I prefer to always go for the highest heat setting with any appliance to get the fastest results. Although I actually get the same result from using the brush at the second heat setting, habits are hard to break!

The way I have found the brush works best for me is to run it through my hair like a normal hair brush in medium sized sections, starting from the front and working towards the back. I slowly run the brush in one movement through each section twice and pay extra action to the ends of my hair, using the brush to direct/set the hair in the direction or style I want (either slightly curled under or straight down). You don’t have to hold, pause or press the brush down on your hair as you move down the section like you often have to do with traditional hair straighteners. I’ve also found that I don’t have to ‘go over’ bits of my hair as often as I would with my GHD.

With the swivel cord the straightener is really easy to move around and manipulate, it is also quite easy to get close to your roots with the brush as the edges are narrow. My only negative about the brush would be that the back of the brush gets very hot when in use, so you need to be careful about where you put it down in between brushing and also that you don’t handle the back of the brush (the actual handle part remains completely unheated and safe to hold).

My friend Lena over at Lena Talks Beauty also recently tried out the Remington Straightening Brush and she took awesome before and after photos – click here to check them out. Hopefully you all caught my before and after on Instagram!

remington keratin and argan oil straightening brush

♥ Results

I am such a traditional hair straightener fan (pressing my hair between two hot metal plates) that I was a little sceptical about how this design would work, but straight away I was really impressed. The brush combs through my hair so easily and not only leaves it straight, but also super smooth. I also like how I don’t have to brush very small sections one at a time to get a good result, the brush can handle larger sections of hair and even does well when I brush my thicker hair at the nape of my neck in the same motion that I would use a normal brush. The finish I get from the Straightening Brush is so soft and smooth and I really like how I don’t get any frizz and none of that dried out almost crispy feeling you can get from a straightener.

The smooth feeling and straight hair lasts throughout the day for me without any use of hair spray. The bonus with the straightener also being a brush is that I walk out the door in the morning with smooth straight and knot free hair!

♥ Details

The Remington Keratin and Argan Oil Straightening Brush retails at $199.99 NZD and can be found at your usual Remington stockists. It is definitely a strong contender in the current straightening tool market and gives my GHD a run for its money in terms of speed and the smoothness it leaves my hair with. I’ve been using it on almost a daily basis for the last couple of weeks and haven’t reached my my old straightener once!

remington straightening

This Remington Straightening Brush was gifted to me as a PR sample. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.