Review! NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

ImageWith a range of over 25 vivid colors which glide on super easy and have staying power, NYX eye pencils are a winner! The pencils can be used as an eyeliner or an all over shadow, I even use my white one ‘milk’ as a brow bone highlighter, as a tool for contouring the face, to highlight and deepen my cupids bow and as an eye base to make bright eye looks pop. I currently have on my personal wishlist the Peacock, Black Bean and Dolly Pink pencils. They are crazy cheap, blend-able and mistake proof, a make up kit must have!

NYX can be difficult to find in NZ, I would recommend purchasing online at (US website which ships to NZ, NYX is crazy cheap there) or You’ll have to make the toss up between paying much less, but waiting for it to arrive from the US and paying more but buying closer to home. If your doing a bit of a haul, def go with beautyjoint!