Rub-a-scrub, Lip scrub comparison – Lush, elf or DIY??

lip scrub imageI recently realised that my make up stand is home to three different brands/types of lip scrubs. Over the top? Maybe! But I find I have to pay quite a bit of attention to my lips as they dry out super easily, and exfoliating them regularly along with a lot of lip balm seems to really help. So it’s time for a bit of a battle of the brands, Lush vs E.l.F vs home-made.

bubble gum lip scrubLush Lip scrub


  • Comes in a handy 25g jar and there is a range of super yummy flavours
  • You just scoop out a small amount of product, and either gently scrub along your lips or rub your lips together to                                        smooth it around
  • Cruelty free and the two flavours I have (bubble gum and cola) are suitable for vegetarians
  • Made from fresh ingredients and are edible – and on that note taste amazing!


  • Due to being made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives the product will go off faster
  • Most expensive out of the three at $12.50 a jar

                                         E.L.F Lip Exfoliator

elf lip exPros:

  • Great packaging, looks just like a lipstick in it’s sleek black tube
  • Has a delicious and awakening coffee kind of smell
  • Contains some natural ingredients including grape seed oil and avocado oil and is also cruelty free
  • Is quite moisturising from the shea butter
  • Crazy cheap at $3 USD online or $5NZD at Kmart


  • Packaging states you have to wipe away the product off your lips after using it
  • 4.4g – so considerably less product
  • Some reviews online state that the product becomes more and more rough and dries up quickly (although this hasn’t happened to mine, yet)

It’s really difficult for me to choose one over the other because they are both good brands and the products each have their pros and cons. I love the affordable-ness of the e.l.f scrub and lipstick design, but then the Lush scrubs are just straight up delicious and last a long, long time. But then, looking back at the e.l.f lip exfoliator, I really like the moisturising element it has. With mine I use the top of the lipstick for a god scrub and then run the side along my lips for the shea butter. It I found that it started to crumble I would be very disappointed as it would make the product unusable. With those points in mind, I feel its up to the buyer and whether your looking for a quick, cheap (but still good!) fix, or are more concerned with natural ingredients and want something to last a little longer. Personally, I am going to continue to use both, but use e.l.f out and about and my Lush scrub for home and in the shower.

An important point to make though is how easy and affordable it is to make your very own lip scrub! In the past I have just used just plain brown sugar as a scrub, and then I’ve also tried mixing it with coconut oil and rosehip oil on separate occasions. My DIY scrubs all gave me the same outcome as the store brought, but without the delicious smells or tastes and the convenience. You could so easily mix up a scrub and scoop it inside an empty jar to carry around though! I’ve found a few recipes I’d like to try that also double as body exfoliators, to check them out click here to my DIY pinterest page.

So which scrub would you rather try? Do you have any of your own DIY lip scrub recipes? Let me know!