Running away from the every day – a collab with ‘A lovely look’

5 days 10 looksThe fantastic Hannah from ‘A Lovely Look’ and I got chatting recently about how easy it can be to get stuck in a bit of a make-up rut. In my case I find that sometimes it is just so much easier to turn to my safe same olds, rather than try something new.

So we set ourselves a challenge, 5 days – 5 new looks. Each day we would individually try out a new make up look, something we hadn’t tried before or hardly ever do and rock it! I searched among my mass of beauty products and thought about looks and trends I had seen recently to decide on my 5 looks to try, and this is how it all turned out – three lip looks and two eye looks.

Day one, two and three – lips

three lip looks

 Day 1: Let the liner shine through. I have never really been able to get a flesh-ish coloured nude lipstick to work for me, so my e.l.f lippy in ‘natural nymph’ has been sitting lonely in the corner. But, whip a pinky toned lip liner underneath (MAC Hip n Happy), and I got a nice mix of a nude lipstick that was actually more of my nude/natural shade, as my lips are naturally pretty pink. I haven’t really thought to consider mixing liners and lipsticks before and have always stuck to trying to match the shades perfectly. Verdict: Loving it – 10/10 will do again

Day 2: Fire engine red. I have worn red lipstick only once in my whole entire life, and it was just for a dress up party. I have just always thought that it looks weird on me, too bold and almost kind of clashes with the tinge of pink/redness in my skin, so I have just stayed well clear – until this day. I did a clean base, simple eye make up and the red, red lip.

Verdict: Actually really like it, I feel like I can pull it off – 8/10 will probably try it again

Day 3: Ombre lips. Ombre is just straight up a super cool look, and although I haven’t given it a go with my hair, I thought I’d try it on my lips. I did two shades of pink, going from darker in the middle to lighter. It looked super awesome, but I can’t imagine it would last long over a normal day

Verdict: Would do it for a special occasion because it looks so cool, too annoying to have to touch up all the time though to keep its effect- 6/10

lip 3

 Day 4 and 5 – eyes

Day 4: layered liner. I’ve seen this look on a few beauty blogs recently and was keen to give it a go as my liner game has really improved recently. Hannah has some flawless liquid eye liner skills going on which inspired me, so I went for a liquid black liner with a pencil purple liner layered on top. In theory it sounds great, but in practice I ended up getting some purple over the top of the black so it kind of blended together and wasn’t two exact layered lines. I still liked the look though and want to try it again with a black layer and then a glitter layer on top.

Verdict: Need to give it a bit of practice, but really loving it – 8/10

layered eye liner

Day 5: Green eye shadow. 

green shadowI have never in my life worn green eye shadow and decided that now was the chance to give it a go. Would it look alright with my green eyes? Should I go light or dark green? I went for a light minty green which features in one of my Sleek palettes. I highlighted my brow bone and inner corner with a shimmery white, and added a touch of grape purple on my outer crease. It totally didn’t work, the green looked blue and it was all so light and shimmery and I just didn’t like it, was all a bit young and almost 80’s vibe. BUT, I gave it a go, so yay!

Verdict: hate it, not happening again any time soon, but yay for trying – 0/10

So out of five new looks I got 4 that I loved and would do again, which is pretty sweet odds if you ask me! Setting yourself a challenge to try new beauty techniques and styles is worth it because you never know what you might end up learning or creating.

For five more looks, flick over to see Hannah’s 5 days and 5 looks here =)

Products used: e.l.f ‘natural nymph’ lipstick, MAC lip liner in ‘Hip n Happy’, Wet n Wild lipstick in ‘purty persimmon’, Lime Crime lipstick in “great pink planet’, Wet n Wild lipstick in ‘pinkerbell’, MAC paint pot in ‘painterly’, Almay liquid eyeliner pen in black, Wet n Wild eyeliner in ‘Amethyst’, Sleek palette in ‘candy’ and Maybelline the falsies mascara.