September Favourites

september favourites

Not being able to wear makeup for half of the month has really forced me back to concentrating on the basics of looking after my skin, hair and tools. I have had to be really careful with what I use around my eyes especially (if you haven’t read about my eye reaction drama click hereso more natural products have been my go to! I also over the last few months have become obsessed with Complexions – a brand new NZ online store that stocks the most amazing products, many of which are usually quite difficult to find close to home.

♥ Bdellium Tools Makeup brushes

I grabbed a few of these fabulous makeup brushes after reading Morgans comparison with one of her prized MAC brushes and I was definitely not disappointed! Check out my full review here complete with shipping info.

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♥ Tea Tree Water – Lush

I have been using this as a toner and freshener for quite awhile now and it just never gets old. As with all Lush products, they are exactly what they say they are so this was safe and gentle enough for my face even when it was raw and sore. Although my skin is a lot less oily than it was when I first included this in my skin routine it wont be leaving my side, it just feels so fresh and clean – so fresh and so clean clean

♥ Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter

Yup, it sounds really strange but I have been putting baby butt cream all over my face and around my eyes, several times a day in fact! This cream has become a huge craze overseas with women having to add their names to super long waiting lists just to get a try (don’t believe me? Check out NZ Heralds report on it here)It’s an affordable, delicious smelling, chemical free natural moisturising cream that has me wondering why we all spend shit loads on expensive night creams filled with ingredients which we can’t pronounce. Now that my skin is better I am using this just once a day as my night cream – try and find some at Nosh if it hasn’t already sold out!

♥ Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

These smooth operators were in my Stolen Girlfriends Club goodie bag at NZFW and now that I have run out of my usual shampoo and conditioner I have been able to give them a try. Although I didn’t notice anything magically different happening while I washed my hair with these, e.g. no actual diamonds appeared =( My hair feels noticeably stronger after just a few uses.

♥ Selfie Scrub

I’ve seen this coffee scrub around on Instagram a bit and decided to give it a shot even though I am a huge Frank fan. Selfie Scrub comes in two types, strawberry and coconut, however both are coffee based to wake up those skin cells. I really liked how instead of one bigger bag of scrub you get three mini ones which are much easier to manage in the shower and you also get a free sample of OMG tea. I am literally drinking it now as I type and it is yum! I’ll be doing a Frank vs Selfie Scrub fight club style comparison soon, so be on the look out!

♥ Benjabelle Brush Tree from 

In the last two weeks I have brought three different types of products to care for my brushes and all from complexions – I think I’m obsessed and in LOVE! The Benjabelle brush tree is something I have had my eye on for a long time now. It is a safe and organised way to hang your brushes to dry after washing, and when you don’t need it the tree can be folded away easily. I feel like it’s one of those things I never realised I needed and will probably never be able to live with out now. I can’t wait to use this at the end of the week! It’s going to be a nice change from lining up my brushes awkwardly along my window to dry, hoping they wont fall out the window or in the cats dish. Don’t worry, I’ll have a full Complexions haul up and review next week! Check them out if you have a moment, it’s always great to support new small NZ businesses, especially when they are beauty lovers too!