My Skin Story Changer – How I got through my skin issues

laura and kitten As we all know, being a teenager is super tough. The awkward moments, the dramas, trying to figure out who you are and what you are supposed to be doing, and it all gets harder when you have acne. I was one of those ‘lucky’ ones. It seemed that as soon as the clock ticked over 12 on my 12th birthday my skin flared up, and it flared up badly. So bad that when I recently went through old photo albums to find a picture of myself from my early teenage years, there weren’t any. At that young age I was so self conscious that I wouldn’t allow having my photo taken.

I tried and used everything, seriously, everything! If I could only turn back time now and give myself a talking to: “It’s going to be all okay in the end. Please stop using all of these crazy harsh products and beating yourself up about your skin. Go out, have fun and look after your skin carefully”. Looking back, my biggest regret is using products that didn’t care for my skin properly. I was under the impression that fully drying out my skin and removing absolutely every bit of oil was the way to clear skin – why didn’t anyone tell me that I was wrong!

Years later, I am finally at a good place with my skin. It’s not perfect, I struggle with odd breakouts and am still working on correcting the skin mistakes I made in the past – but now I have way more good skin days than bad. And when a bad day hits, I know the best way to deal with it. The confidence and freedom that comes with having clear skin is really the best accessory a girl could ever have. As well as that bit of extra time I have in the mornings now that I don’t spend ages fretting in front of a mirror before leaving the house.

It is so crazy how much your skin can effect the way you feel and how you go about your everyday life, and it can feel like no one else understands. Confiding in friends, getting advice from the pros and using products like Clinique (which are specifically made to treat and look after all skin types) is how I got through.

Now, in my twenties, I feel happy to have a make up free day, to wear light coverage foundation, to have my photo taken and I even feel okay posting bare skin photos online – the image above proves it! My skin story definitely hasn’t been a smooth one, but with the right help, advice and products, my skin is on the right track, and so is my confidence.


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