Sleek review and GIVEAWAY!!! =)

download (2) Slim, sleek, smooth palettes which open softly to a rainbow of scandalously pigmented smooth colours. Seductive pinks, shadowy bronzes and semitropical brights. I’m not sure if you can already tell, but I am so impressed with the quality of Sleek’s eye shadows that it’s making me feel all poetic. Jokes aside, I was really excited to try out an amazing array of Sleek palettes and a few blushers sent to me to review lovingly from No Little Fool (thanks girl!) I even have an AMAZING PRIZE PACK to give away featuring some of the palettes I reviewed – scroll to the bottom to see and pick your favorite!
 Sleek is an American make up brand who have clocked up over 20 years in the beauty industry. They are known for their huge range of strongly pigmented shades in eye, face and lip products. I love that they cater for a huge range of different skin tones and their products are high quality at affordable prices.
Oh so special (2)Review time! Firstly, I have swatched, used and tested 10 Sleek Palettes in total! I can honestly say I was not disappointed in a single one. Because it would take me a billion years to review each one, I’m going to give you a general run down and details on my favorites. For a full list of the palettes I reviewed scroll right down and feel free to ask questions. In a few words though, Sleek’s eye shadows are amazing, they are strongly pigmented and they include colours which are a little more out of the norm. The palette packages themselves are light, yet sturdy so you know your make up is safe. I really like the little details of the cute palette names and then the themed shade names.
My only constructive criticism is that some of the colour collections can be pretty random. For example – ‘Lagoon’ is a mixture of shimmers and mattes which go from a dark black and deep purples to a light golden yellow, a bold red and a rosy pink, where I would be expecting a range of greens, blues and maybe a touch of purple. This is only with the minority of the palettes I tried though, and it’s obviously the most minor issue, with the extensive amount of positives I have for these products.
Favorites roll call! My best friend, (who kindly helped me out with a bit of a swatching session) loved the ‘Supreme’ palette. It’s themed with all the Mo-Town greats in gradual shades of blues, greens, a hint of yellow and a classic matte black and shimmered white. We both also loved ‘sunset’ with it’s bright but totally wearable colours. I love the mattes in ‘V2’ which are mostly darker toned but include a fantastic matte white to use to brighten the inner corner of the eye or as an overall eye lid base. My absolute ultimate favourite which I have been using non-stop is the ‘Oh so special’ palette. It is the perfect combination of rosey toned pinks and darker browns. It gives me a bit of a Naked 2/3 vibe and I just straight up love it!
swatches p and candyLastly, ‘The primer palette’ was a whole new situation for me – the only thing I have used to prime my eyelids is my usual face primer, or a spread of my NYX jumbo eye pencil to make my shadow colour really stand out. The amazing thing about these primers is that they are in a range of colours and match many of Sleeks popular eye shadow shades. The texture is smooth and creamy but it doesn’t slide off                                                                your face, definitely a winner in my books.
Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten the blushers! I again was impressed with the quality and the pigmentation. They swipe on to the face easily and are very build-able depending on what look you are going for. Pixie Pink is my favourite, it is a little similar to e.l.f’s Fushia Fusion, but lighter in overall tone and much more matte. Pomegranate will be a fantastic autumn shade.
Lucky for you, No Little Fool and I have gotten together with this prize pack so you can also test and love Sleek Make up as much as I now do. Up for grabs is the Primer, Lagoon (limited edition), Supreme and V2 – ultra mattes palettes and three fantastic blushers – Pixie Pink, Coral and Pomegranate. The total value comes to $134 woooo! All you need to do is ‘Like’ the No Little Fool page here and then comment below and tell me what product you would be the most excited to try! Share the competition link from the No Little Fool page to get a second entry in the comp!
Good luck! xx
See the full range of Sleek products (including the prize items!) from No Little Fool here
List of total products reviewed: Lagoon, Show Stopper, Candy, Supreme, Sunset, Snap Shot, Oh So Special, V2, Storm and the Primer palettes, blushers in Coral, Pixie pink and Pomegranate.
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    This is why I find sleek so exciting, their eyeshadow palettes are the stuff of legend! Awesome pigmentation and no fall out, I’ve heard people say they are as good as Urban Decay (pretty high praise if you ask me). As a brunette with green eyes, I would be most excited to try the V2 palette as I am a sucker for mattes, and that purple/green/brown combo would absolutely pop.

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