Summer Survival Series #1 My Plans This Summer

Laura at the cove

Since summer is creeping around the corner – see, up there! Where I’m pointing in the distance! So I’ve decided to do a bit of a summer mini series. The plan is a post a week leading up to summer with a different focus each time. Today, I want to share with you my plans for the summer break! I’d love to know what you are all getting up to, whether you are having a big family Christmas, spending all your time off at the beach or heading to somewhere amazing for New Years. For me, my break starts in two and a bit weeks!

I am lucky to be in a position to get school holidays off, my last official day of work is the 9th of December and it is going to be all go from there! My time leading up to Christmas will hopefully be a mixture of preparation and relaxation. I’ll need to get my Christmas shopping done and also get organised for my big trip (more about that below!). But I also want to spend as much time as possible at the beach, catching up with friends and heading out to events – who else is going to Ragamuffin and Katy Perry?


Christmas time for me is always fun and low key. Christmas Eve my besties and I have a Xmas catch up at our local for snacks, drinks and presents. Then on the big day we have a bit of a family tradition where we always go over to my Nanna’s house for a meal on Christmas, she is the most amazing cook! The rest of the day is usually spent relaxing and just chilling out. I am really hoping for nice weather on Christmas day so I can maybe head to the beach for a swim. Sometimes my best friend Melissa and I catch up too as we have been friends for so long and are neighbours/practically family.


For Boxing Day in the past I have always hit the shops no matter where I am in the world – even in the snowy Canadian winter a few years back I couldn’t miss those deals. This year the boy and I are heading to Whakatane for a few days on Boxing Day to see his family. It will be so nice down there by the beach and good to get away. I am such a city girl and a real, true Aucklander, so much so that knowing there isn’t a mall there makes me feel anxious. Luckily the chocolate crossiants from this cute little side of the road bakery make up for it.

winter christmas
My first (and only) Winter Christmas!

New Years Eve is going to be a big night in for me, because in the early hours of the 1st I am off on a huge adventure to Thailand!!!  It has been awhile in the planning so it’s really good to feel like the trip is actually coming up soon. Some of you who read my round-ups will know that I have been keeping track of my spending for the holiday. Now that flights and accommodation are all booked and paid for I am just focusing on my spending money. It hasn’t been as expensive as I expected (so far haha), we found really well priced flights on webjet, did lots of research on where to stay and also have a flexible itinerary for all the activities we want to do. I am away for three weeks, visiting three different cities and I just can’t wait! Please if you have been before, I’d love any tips or advice! It’s my first time over there.


So! What are you up to these summer holidays? I really hope everyone is getting a well deserved break. Although I am undecided on my blog schedule over the holiday period at the moment, I’ll let you all know very soon. Hopefully you’ll end up reading the blog from a beach, a holiday home or somewhere overseas – it’s not too late to make last minute plans!

Check out ticketmaster for info on Ragamuffin and Katy Perry tickets and Webjet for flight deals.