Summer Survival Series #2 Road Trip Essentials

It isn’t a typical Kiwi summer without some kind of road trip! Whether you’re heading home to catch up with family, having a girls getaway or off to a New Years festival having the essentials always ensures that your road trip isn’t a bumpy ride. There are certain things I take with me no matter where I’m going or what the occasion is during summer. If you read number 1 of my Summer Survival Series (check it out here if you missed it!) you’ll already know that I am planning to head off on a roadie down to Whakatane these holidays before I set off to Thailand. I’ve thrown together a list of totally essential items to take with me on my road trip – my holiday companion Oli at has also compiled his road trip essentials. So together I think we have everything covered!

♥ Sunblock

Do I really need to explain this one? We all know that the sun in NZ is one ruthless b*tch and it is so important to keep your skin protected. Use the highest possible SPF you can find and take it with you everywhere! I strongly recommend using a separate face sunscreen to what you use on your body as some sunblocks are known to cause breakouts. I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Clear Face as it’s light, oil free and made specifically for breakout prone skin.

photo 1-2

♥ Sunglasses 

They make you look bad ass, protect your eyes and help you secretly check out boys on the beach – there’s no reason why you would leave your sunglasses behind! I have never bought a pair of expensive sunglasses because they are one of those items that gets lost or broken pretty easily. I like to have two pairs that are different styles and rock them all through the sunny weather. Try Dotti, Cotton on, Glassons and Wild pair for on trend but super affordable styles.

♥ Body moisturizer

All that salty air by the beach makes my skin feel quite dry especially along with the excessive sun exposure, so I like to keep a gentle moisturizer near by. Through the winter I used Goats Milk Moisturizer by Billie Goat Soap and I am currently using Physiogel’s Daily Moisture Therapy to deal with my super sensitive skin. Unless I am tempted by something which is summer scented as well as super gentle on my skin, I’ll be making sure to have Physiogel packed in my bag.

photo 2-2

♥ Key/fail-safe summer outfits

Summer is about being carefree and having fun as well as looking like a total beach babe – so there’s got to be that balance between style and comfort. I love (and am totally obsessed with) playsuits as they are light, comfy and are a whole outfit in one. Playsuits can also easily be dressed up or down with shoes and accessories. I always like to have a loose long-ish singlet which I can wear with shorts or throw over my bikini at the beach when I need a bit more coverage. I am a full supporter of cute summer dresses (either shorter or maxi,) as again that’s a whole outfit in one clothing item.

Obviously togs are a must have and it can be a good idea to have more than one pair if you are going to be in the water a few times a day. Make sure you rinse out your togs in cold tap water after swimming so that the salt or chlorine doesn’t effect the colouring!

♥ BB cream

Summer holidays are an opportunity to give your skin a bit of a break from full makeup, and besides a full face of makeup just never ends well with a day at the beach anyways. The BB in BB Cream should really stand for Best Buddy – not only can it give you a nice amount of light coverage but most BB creams also have a lot of added skin benefits like oil control and SPF. My favourite is the Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream. It has a really nice level of coverage which can be built up, helps even out skin tone and includes SPF 30. I am looking to try one that’s specifically for oily skin and has more of a matte finish – recommendations please!

photo 3

Comment below if I have missed any total essentials out! And don’t forget to check out Oli’s recommendations too – he has heaps of other ideas and is possibly slightly more practical than me haha!