Konjac Sponges – what the heck are they & where can you get them?

konjac sponges Konjac sponges are the talk of the town at the moment – it’s funny how a little piece of natural vegetable fibre can cause such a fuss. So what are these little face washing miracle workers? What are they made out of? What do all the random different colours mean? And where can you buy one? I will aim to answer everything to fulfil your Konjac curiosity! Continue reading

Where has all the GlamGlow gone? An Azelaic Acid investigation.

empty glamglow These are the things that were puzzling me last week – seriously where has all the GlamGlow gone and what is Azelaic Acid? After going through the devastating moment of running out of my GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Mask I was shocked when I was told by Mecca Cosmetica that had been forced to take the product off their shelves due to the mask containing the restricted ingredient Azelaic Acid.  Continue reading