Random Weekend Haul #2 – Farmers, The Warehouse, Lush and a Big Bucket Sale

random weekend haul 2 This Saturday I ended up grabbing a few items on a day out and about – which turned into a bit of an unexpected random weekend haul – but seriously almost every store I walked into was having a sale. I also haven’t gone out and purchased make up in what feels like truly forever as I have decided to be bit more careful with my money at the moment. But it’s cool right? Because almost everything was on sale (nod your head with me here). Any ways have a peek at the bargains I picked up! Continue reading

How To: Wash Your Make Up Brushes

photo 1 (17) Washing your make up brushes, a fun task? Not really! But an essential task – YES! Regularly washing your make up brushes is one sure way to lessen the amount of bacteria that gets on your face. Think of all the dirt, make up, oil, dust and ick that probably builds up over time on your brushes – looking after your skin means looking after your brushes. Besides, cleaning them carefully will keep your brushes in good condition and working well. There are many different brush cleaning methods which people use, below is the method I am currently using which has come about with a bit of trial and error and recommendations from friends and other beauty addicts. Continue reading