Colourpop X Hello Kitty Haul

coloupop x hello kitty haul

My Colourpop X Hello Kitty haul is finally here! Okay, and yes I got a few other bits and pieces too! The new limited edition collection went live on the 1st of November (Hello Kitty’s birthday)  and some of the range is still currently in stock. There is a selection of lip, eye and face products in the collection along with a super cute makeup bag. I grabbed the ‘Mama’s Apple Pie’ eyeshadow quad set, two of the lip products and the ‘School is Fun’ highlighter from the Hello Kitty Collection. I also bought two super shock shadows and a new brow pencil to try out.  Continue reading

Bangkok Beauty Haul – 2016 + shopping guide


A Bangkok Beauty Haul and shopping guide to kick off 2016! And no, you aren’t having major dejavu. I managed to end up in Bangkok again (exactly one year later!) and of course there’s a beauty haul to prove it. We spent two solid days out exploring the city visiting malls, shopping squares and markets and it’s safe to say that my luggage  came home quite a bit heavier as a result. Continue reading

Bangkok Shopping Guide 2015 – part 2


I promised you all a Bangkok Shopping guide based on my trip in January, and here is part 2! I spent one week in Bangkok in January 2015 and went shopping every single day I was there. I know Bangkok is often just a quick stopover rather than a final destination for many travellers, so it’s best to be organised if you are wanting to shop to get the most out of it. Today I’m going to give you a breakdown of the lower end malls and stores around central Bangkok, as well as the ever popular Chatuchak Markets.

Continue reading

Where have I been? Thailand Travels and 2015

thailand collage So, where have I been? I promise all will be answered today, in this very post! But firstly hello everyone! I’ve missed you and I’ve missed blogging, however it has been harder than I thought it would be getting back into normal life and ‘reality’. 2015 has started off with adventure and masses of positivity for me.

Many of you know I spent the first three weeks in Thailand (AMAZING), now I am settling back into work and focusing on my friends, my babe and achieving some personal goals I have floating around in my mind. I’m turning 25 this year and I’ll be completely honest, it’s a bit scary. It seems like a strange in-between, not young, not old just in that grey area (but thank god not actually grey yet). Am I exaggerating and being a total mid-twenties Gen Y right now? Probably, but who cares!

Anyways, back to my travels, Thailand was incredible. It was the perfect mix of new experiences, culture and relaxation.

Firstly we arrived in Bangkok and Continue reading