Are there bugs in my Beauty Blender? + other makeup questions

Beauty Blender cut

Are there bugs in my Beauty Blender?? I have often wondered what the inside of an old Beauty Blender would look like. Especially after seeing that horror film where a girl cuts hers open to find a whole heap of bugs (haven’t seen it, click here and half cover your eyes). There’s also a lot of other beauty related things I have wondered about and a lot of different questions online. Today I’m going to answer some of these questions, like just how limited are MAC limited edition products? What’s the difference between cruelty free and vegan? Why do you need to store your dip brow upside down? How does micellar water actually work when it’s just water?  Continue reading

May empties


Here are my May empties! My Garnier Perfect Blur and Loreal Infallible primers are empty. The Blinc mascara I received in my Talk Beauty NZ event goodie bag has dried up, I’ve hit pan on my MAC SkinFinish and I’m already on another bottle of Elevens’ Miracle Hair Treatment. In a bid to be better at removing my makeup before bed I’ve used up my travel size Blue Coconut Coconut Oil, at the same time my Beauty Blender (the first one I ever tried!) is going into retirement.  Continue reading

Blender Cleanser Solid Review

beauty blender cleanser

When I started using a Beauty Blender it changed my life, so I had high hopes that the Blender Cleanser Solid would be another life changer and up my makeup brush cleaning game. The Blender Cleanser Solid is a makeup sponge and brush cleaner created by the Original Beauty Blender company, so it’s almost like a best buddy for your Beauty Blender. Continue reading

What cleans Beauty Blenders Best?


Cleaning Beauty Blenders can be tough work so I decided to test out two different cleaners to decide which cleans Beauty Blenders best! Even though I do clean mine quite regularly it seems to soak up sooo much makeup and dirt. Each time I clean it I don’t know whether to be totally grossed out or satisfied watching all the orange water pour down the drain.

In the past I’ve used dishwashing liquid, standard soap and shampoo, baby shampoo and tried out a few different makeup brush soaps and cleaners. I’ve used the Daiso ‘Detergent for puff and sponge’ to clean my Beauty Blenders and brushes for awhile now and am really happy with the results, however I discovered the E.L.F Brush Shampoo in my drawer and decided to try it out and see how they compare. I know that from the name the E.L.F shampoo clearly is created for washing brushes, but I can’t see why it couldn’t do both? Continue reading

Top seven beauty essentials


Recently I sat down and thought about what beauty products I consider absolute essentials, and I decided on these final 7. In my opinion these products need beautiful big gold medals and a life time supply of chocolate chip cookies (what a prize right?!) Nothing beats them, and without these essentials my routines just wouldn’t be the same.

♥ Tangle Teezer – The best hair brush I have ever tried!
This brush keeps my hair smooth and completely knot free, as well as being lightweight and easy to take around with me. My purchased my current Tangle Teezer about 2 years ago now and it is still in perfect condition, they are built to withstand a bit of chucking around into bags, drawers and bathroom cupboards. Continue reading