My Makeup Wishlist

makeup wishlist I am constantly seeing things online, in-store and on peoples faces which I immediately want to add to my makeup collection – however I am not a millionaire (yet), nor have I managed to marry someone who owns an oil rig or somehow hustle my way into the Kardashian family (still trying). So I have a makeup wishlist on my cell phone. I add to it as I go and having a wishlist also allows me to really consider purchases before I go out and spend all my cash dollars, especially because my wishlist tends to be for more higher priced makeup items that I am lusting over. I also like keeping a list so I can look up the products online and see where the best place is to purchase them – sometimes I even end up changing my mind and taking items off the list, but hey that’s much easier then having buyer remorse and not being able to take a product back to the store! Continue reading

POREfessional Review – a pore minimising primer by Benefit Cosmetics

porefessional review Last week I tried Benefit Cosmetics for the very first time – I know right?!? How did I hold out for so long? To be honest, I don’t even know – but now I am totes regretting not trying them earlier. I got the three gorgeous minis you see above and although I’m loving all three, POREfessionals has become my everyday use primer so I’m going to very happily focus on that.

POREfessional is described as a primer which Continue reading