Getting your Brow Game on


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2014 has been the year of brow game, like seriously just all about the brows. Personally I couldn’t be happier as I have always been a big advocate for bold brows. I really do believe that they frame the face and I also think that they can make a face look more youthful. Of course along side the brow trend of 2014 there has been an explosion of eye brow products bursting on to the makeup market, and I have tried a significantly large proportion of them. Today I’d like to share my most favourite and most often used brow products with you all along with a few tips.

โ™ฅ Tip #1 –ย  I get my brows shaped and tinted pretty regularly, around once a month. The tinting really helps the shape of my brows because the hairs at the end of my eyebrows are very light making my brows appear quite short. And the shaping just keeps them Continue reading & + YouShop = another happy haul

drug store + haul and are seriously some of the easiest places online in the world to buy makeup and beauty products at really affordable prices. I do semi-regular hauls from to stock up on bits and bobs that I use all the time (shampoo for Yee, EOS lip balms), and now and then I’ll add in something a bit more exciting from The cool thing about these two sites is that they both stock different products – drug store items and then more high end, but you can purchase from both into one cart, one transaction and one package.

I recently took advantage of the dual site system in a mini haul. I was dieing, literally dieing without any EOS lip balm in my life Continue reading

Products which deserve a mention! Featuring ChiChi, Za, E.L.F and Brow Wiz

products worth mentioning Yesterday while doing my makeup I realised that I am taking a lot of amazing products for granted while using them on a regular basis. These are fab products which totally deserve a mention, however I just haven’t specifically mentioned them or reviewed them on the blog, so here you go!

โ™ฅ ChiChi Fabulous & Flawless Foundation

My friend Jess got me on to this a little while ago now, of course I had seen it around online and at Farmers but wasn’t that convinced until she told me how much she loved it. Now I sometimes choose to wear it instead of my MAC Prolong wear – shocking right! It feels light on the face yet gives great coverage which is buildable Continue reading