Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

lush snow fairy body conditioner

The Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner is a new release for the Lush 2016 Christmas collection. Snow Fairy has been one of my favourite scents since way back which means I have always been super excited for the Christmas range to come out. The Body Conditioner product is something I’m also a fan of, so this is in my opinion a perfect combination! Continue reading

Beauty News – NYX in NZ, new Velourlips shades and beauty advent calendars


STOP PRESS! NYX is coming to NZ, there’s five new Australis Velourlips shades on their way and there are some stunning beauty advent calendars coming out for this Christmas. This kind of beauty news is my favourite type of news!

So it’s official, NYX is opening a flagship store in New Zealand this November. Rumours say it will be in Auckland, Continue reading

MAC Haul – & YouShop

mac haul

I just couldn’t finish off 2014 without one last MAC haul. Conveniently I decided to get my mum a few MAC goodies for Christmas, and therefore got myself a few items I had been wanting for awhile too. I purchased this haul all from which is the official MAC website and shipped it to NZ using YouShop. In the past I have used Nordstrom to buy MAC online (see my past hauls here!), but this time round the prices on both sites were exactly the same and Nordstrom was out of one of the shades I needed. Using the official site was easy and there were no issues using my YouShop postal address.

โ™ฅ I got….

1 x Sized-to-go Strobe Cream $10

2 x Pro Longwear Foundation NW15 $32 each

1 x Lipstick in Violetta $16

1 x Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation $27

1 x Sized-to-go False Lashes Mascara $10

1 x Sized-to-go Oil Control Lotion $10

All prices in USD

photo 2-7

The sized-to-go range is the best way to try out new MAC products and Continue reading

Christmas Gifts for your Girlfriends

christmas gift guide I’ll be straight up with you, if you are starting your Christmas shopping now you are cutting it close, however no fear because I am here to help you with some great gift ideas for your girlfriends. By girlfriends I mean girls who are your friends, like your buddies, your besties, familiars, the ying to your yang or that friend who always knows when it’s time to swap your vodka for water and not tell you. But this guide is probably useful if you are trying to buy your female significant other a gift too, so read on person who has friends that are girls!

Firstly anyone who says that girls are hard to buy for is just being lazy, one word: Pretty things! Generally girls like things that are pretty, smell pretty or make them prettier. I still believe that one of the best gifts is either getting someone something which they use all the time (a gift that you know will go to good use), or giving an item which you know the person would love but one of those things they wouldn’t be able to justify buying for themselves. Continue reading

Monthly Round Up – November

photo 2-7

Can you even believe that it is now December? I knew it was coming soon and I knew Christmas was close, but now the reality of it is really starting to hit me. I have this handy Countdown app on my phone that has been helping keep track of how much longer I have until a few important dates. Right now, drafting this post up on the 30th of November I have 8 days until I finish work for the year, there’s 24 days until Christmas and 31 days until I leave for Thailand. That countdown has got me through some long work days this month, but now the end is near! I have managed to start my Xmas shopping, have you? And I also have had some busy weekends at some awesome Auckland events. Continue reading