Korean Kiwi Beauty Review

korean kiwi beauty review

Korean Kiwi Beauty is an online store which is new to NZ. They stock a huge range of Korean beauty products and brands, even those that can usually be tricky to find and get hold of! Over the past two weeks I have been trying out a range of goodies sent to me by Korean Kiwi Beauty. Here are my first impressions of the products and also my review of the Korean Kiwi Beauty service. Continue reading

Moisture Mist & Za Beauty Cake and Makeup Remover Set Review

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This year I am really loving all the gift sets that have come out just in time for Christmas. When Za contacted me about trying out their Beauty Cake and Makeup Remover Set I was super excited for two reasons – One: I have wanted to try out the Moisture Mist Beauty Cake for agggges and Two: I was seriously needing some better makeup remover than just my baby wipes for my more stubborn makeup.

Firstly the details: The gift pack contains the Moisture Mist Beauty Cake (mine is in the shade Rose Beige), a beauty cake sponge and the Za Deep Cleansing Oil. You can find it at leading pharmacies for $39.00, but it’s worth $64 – amazing value!!!

♥ Moisture Mist Beauty Cake

The Beauty Cake is in a cute and sturdy red compact, alongside the sponge which you use to apply it which also has it’s own little case. The box instructs you to Continue reading