New Year Makeup resolutions

New Year

Haven’t yet decided on a New Year resolution? How about a New Year makeup resolution? Last year I set myself the resolution of not spending so much money on makeup and it went really well. I became more aware of my spending along with what I already owned. Today I am sharing my New Year makeup resolution ideas and tips to help you achieve your goals! Continue reading

What cleans Beauty Blenders Best?


Cleaning Beauty Blenders can be tough work so I decided to test out two different cleaners to decide which cleans Beauty Blenders best! Even though I do clean mine quite regularly it seems to soak up sooo much makeup and dirt. Each time I clean it I don’t know whether to be totally grossed out or satisfied watching all the orange water pour down the drain.

In the past I’ve used dishwashing liquid, standard soap and shampoo, baby shampoo and tried out a few different makeup brush soaps and cleaners. I’ve used the Daiso ‘Detergent for puff and sponge’ to clean my Beauty Blenders and brushes for awhile now and am really happy with the results, however I discovered the E.L.F Brush Shampoo in my drawer and decided to try it out and see how they compare. I know that from the name the E.L.F shampoo clearly is created for washing brushes, but I can’t see why it couldn’t do both? Continue reading