Big Bucket Haul – November

Big Bucket Haul

Here is my November Big Bucket Haul! I heard that Big Bucket Sales are closing down, so I thought I better go before they end forever (although I’ll be honest I’m not sure if I believe they are actually closing down? I feel it could be like those rug sales that are forever popping up!). As always I was keen to pop in to get some dry shampoo as it is one of my life essentials. And I was keen to see what else was there and whether the closing down prices would be super cheap. It turned out that they had an extra 30% off marked prices for all cosmetic items, which meant I got some pretty sweet bargains. Continue reading

March beauty haul – Neutrogena, Rimmel, Batiste, Australis and a cute lemon

March beauty haul

I’ve picked up a new things in the last little while, so today I thought I would share with you my March beauty haul, including a Neutrogena moisturiser, a Rimmel Primer,a new Batiste Dry Shampoo for blondes, the Australis Cream contouring kit and a Thai face mask that has something to do with lemons… I think! Continue reading

2016 Empties (and almost empties)


Since we aren’t so far into the year just yet I thought I’d share with you all my 2016 empties, besides January is just a practice run anyways, right! These are the products I have finished up so far this year. A few of them were my travel essentials while I was in Vietnam so it’s no surprise that they are all used up! Continue reading

How to get your makeup on fast!


We have all been there – you get super late notice about something and need to run out the door when you have literally just got out of bed… or maybe you just slept through your alarms a couple too many times. You feel like you need to put on some makeup, but you need to be super, super fast! Here are my tips for putting your makeup on fast. It’s much better to keep it really simple and no fuss. Continue reading

The best way to use dry shampoo


Dry shampoo is an essential for me and I’ve finally figured out the best way to use it. If you struggle with oily hair like me and really don’t want to be washing your hair every single day then I’d be surprised if you don’t already have a can of this stuff sitting on your dresser. However, if you just haven’t managed to try it out yet I strongly urge you too, it’s a game changer.

Continue reading

How to stop washing your hair everyday

stop washing your hair

This year I had a goal: to stop washing my hair every single day. Since I was about 14 years old I have been a mega over washer of my hair due to the extra oil brought on by being a hormonal teenager, and thats where the habit began. Now at 24 my hair is a little less oily but the habit has remained. I wanted more time to sleep in, less time with my hair dryer and to impose less damage on my hair. I was also off on a holiday to Thailand and didn’t want to spend my days washing, drying and styling only to rinse and repeat the next morning.

The challenge started with a purchase of dry shampoo. I chose Bastiste dry shampoo which you can pick up from the supermarket and Farmers. I took this along with my hair oil, heat protectant and Tangle Teezer and decided I would try and wash my hair every third day or every other day.

Have you heard that saying where people say Continue reading