Feather touch brow tattooing

Feather Touch Brow Tattooing

Feather Touch Brow Tattooing is a big beauty trend right now. Like many other people I dreamt of having perfect eyebrows with minimal fiddling around every morning. I had been interested in brow tattooing for awhile but images of badly done and very fake looking eye brows freaked me out. This is what lead me to Feather Touch. It’s brow tattooing which is done not as a bold filled in block, but as small strokes to mimic individual hairs. The results can be varied depending on the individual, whether you are just wanting fuller brows or need a total brow reconstruction. After four sessions my brows are complete and looking more on point than ever! I’ve had a lot of interest and questions about the feather touch tattooing process, so today I am going to answer some commonly asked questions and let you know about my experience.  Continue reading

Getting your Brow Game on


brow products

2014 has been the year of brow game, like seriously just all about the brows. Personally I couldn’t be happier as I have always been a big advocate for bold brows. I really do believe that they frame the face and I also think that they can make a face look more youthful. Of course along side the brow trend of 2014 there has been an explosion of eye brow products bursting on to the makeup market, and I have tried a significantly large proportion of them. Today I’d like to share my most favourite and most often used brow products with you all along with a few tips.

♥ Tip #1 –  I get my brows shaped and tinted pretty regularly, around once a month. The tinting really helps the shape of my brows because the hairs at the end of my eyebrows are very light making my brows appear quite short. And the shaping just keeps them Continue reading

What’s coming in, when summers out!

I know none of us want to admit it, but with a much darker and slightly colder Waitangi day yesterday, it’s clear that in no time at all Autumn will be just around the corner. I personally really enjoy that change over from summer trends to the more frostier months. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE all the pinks, pastels and brights which summer brings, but I also have a soft spot for those deeper matte shades which appear towards winter. Below are my trend picks for the Autumn months, let me know if you think I’m spot on or soo wrong! Continue reading