Running away from the every day – a collab with ‘A lovely look’

5 days 10 looksThe fantastic Hannah from ‘A Lovely Look’ and I got chatting recently about how easy it can be to get stuck in a bit of a make-up rut. In my case I find that sometimes it is just so much easier to turn to my safe same olds, rather than try something new.

So we set ourselves a challenge, 5 days – 5 new looks. Each day we would individually try out a new make up look, something we hadn’t tried before or hardly ever do and rock it! I searched among my mass of beauty products and thought about looks and trends I had seen recently to decide on my 5 looks to try, and this is how it all turned out – three lip looks and two eye looks. Continue reading

What’s your eye shape? #shapematters

eyeshape Round? Hooded? Almond? Deep set? Wide set? Have you ever put much though into what kind of shape your eyes exactly are? Or what about styling your eye make up to flatter and further enhance the natural shape of your eyes? Me – I hadn’t really had any deep and meaningfuls about it before, when applying eye make up I always tend to follow Continue reading