My current skin care routine: Featuring Murad, Physiogel and Tea Tree

skincare routine

Things have really changed since my last skincare routine post, so here is my current situation featuring three main products/brands: Murad, Physiogel and Tea Tree oil. Although I have had massive problems with dermatitis around my eyes in the last couple of months my skin has actually been clear and more breakout free than ever before. It is so, so nice to have clearer skin! I feel better about my skin and myself as well as more confident. I think it goes to show that investing in skin care is well worth it. Continue reading

Where has all the GlamGlow gone? An Azelaic Acid investigation.

empty glamglow These are the things that were puzzling me last week – seriously where has all the GlamGlow gone and what is Azelaic Acid? After going through the devastating moment of running out of my GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Mask I was shocked when I was told by Mecca Cosmetica that had been forced to take the product off their shelves due to the mask containing the restricted ingredient Azelaic Acid.  Continue reading

GlamGlow review AKA me wanting to look like a glowing, glamorous person

Glamglow imageGlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment is a face mask with a bit of a difference. After seeing a cute wee snap of Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo) with her GlamGlow face mask on I was super intrigued. “A mask that literally pulls the yuk stuff out of your face and leaves the good stuff?!?”-  I thought while feeling excited and curious about this new product, and off I was surfing the web for GlamGlow, debit card in hand.

The first thing you notice when you open your precious little jar is Continue reading

Catastrophe Cosmetic Lush Face Mask – giving me a movie star glow

photo (3)I have recently found myself in my own kind of skin catastrophe – my skin is changing, and I think it’s for the better, but nevertheless, it’s freaking me out! Since my very early teenage years I have had to deal with every kind of oily/combination type of skin, but now it’s turning more to combination/normal-ish skin – so I turned to Catastrophe Cosmetic to help me out! Continue reading