Eve Lashes – your new beauty subscription addiction

EVE Lashes

EVE Lashes is probably going to be your next beauty subscription addiction. False lashes to your door, any style you want and however many you want. Meaning that you always have exactly what you need whether you are the kind of girl who doesn’t leave the house without a pair of flirty lashes on or if you save them just for special occasions (like me!) Genevieve from EVE Lashes hooked me up with a trial so I could see what it was all about and also so I could practice applying false lashes because I’m terrible at it! Continue reading

XO Beauty Haul

Shaaanxo beauty

A recent sudden desire to wear false eye lashes to an event on the weekend inspired my first XO Beauty Haul from Shaaanxo. I have always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to try out her lash range but I’m not a huge false lash person. My sensitive eyes mean there’s few opportunities to safely layer my eyes in lash eye and on the most part I have always found falsies trying and just too fiddley.

The false eyelash struggle is real, like if I am crying in frustration while doing my makeup you know I’m probably attempting false lashes. However, there were no tears or tantrums this time round!

I grabbed one pair of ‘the romantic lashes’, one tube of white Duo glue and Continue reading