Perfect Pamper Products – #TheBloggersSnailMail Collaboration

bubble bath

Every girl needs to have some pamper time in her life! As my job gets busier and busier I seriously look forward to Tuesday evenings where I give myself a power pamper hour more and more. Each week I have a collection of essential products which I use week after week and each time no matter what, they make me feel like a million bucks!

Michelle from and I were brought together by a really cool project called #TheBloggersSnailMail. Where we were matched up by Gemma from Lipstick and Lashes and became email pen pals, have a look at her site if you would be keen to get involved as I am sure she will do another one sometime. At first I thought like what do I even say to someone I don’t even know? But Michelle and I really quickly found things we had in common and now I feel like I have made a new friend. I know, pretty cute right! It has also been awesome hearing about where she’s from and about the blogging community in the UK too.

So back to the pampering, it’s something that Michelle and I both heavily endorse! And if you haven’t had a pamper session in awhile, read this and Michelle’s post and then get to it! Continue reading

Frank Scrub VS. Selfie Scrub – which coffee scrub is better for you?

frank vs selfie Coffee scrubs are the talk of the town, and if someone said to me “tell me the two most popular coffee scrubs out there, right now and you will win $100 dollars” I would tell them Frank and Selfie scrub and I would totes be $100 bucks richer. But here comes the hard part… what one do you buy? I am coffee scrub crazy and have bought both over the last few months, and therefore here for you today I have an almost mathematical comparison to help you decide. Seriously this table below is about as math related as I get. Let the prices, shipping details and ingredients help you decide before checking out my personal preference below.  Continue reading

Beauty Joint Haul – Lashes, BH cosmetics and Lime Crime Eye Shadow Helper

PicMonkey Collage Back in the day before I discovered sites like i-Herb and, Beauty Joint was my jam. It was the first website I ever did bigger online hauls on and I actually think it may have been the giver of my first E.L.F haul…….Ahhh the memories! Recently I discovered that Beauty Joint have added quite a lot of new brands to the site since Continue reading