October GoodieBox Unboxing – my last one

goodiebox 1

Octobers GoodieBox marks my last GoodieBox, for now anyways. I don’t at all have anything particularly against GoodieBox, in fact I’ve really enjoyed getting my little box of surprises every month. However I have just found that out of each box I’ve only really ended up using and really loving one, maybe two products. I can be a bit picky about products and brands with my current sensitive skin so I guess that element of surprise isn’t so great for me. I am also trying to save money so I can go crazy splurging in Thailand soon – so the GoodieBox had to go!

On to the unboxing – I was almost a little sad it was my last when I saw so many more brands I actually recognised in this months box, comparing to my last ones. As always it was packaged lovely and everything was safe and perfect inside. There were 6 products in total, 3 full size and 3 sample size. Continue reading

August GoodieBox – unboxing

august goodiebox The August GoodieBoxes are out and I am impressed! Some of you may remember I was feeling happy, but not amazed with last months box. However this months box has made me sure of keeping my subscription. If you are stilling waiting for yours in the post, stop now! Spoiler alert! If you are curious about what was inside or want to know more about GoodieBox then read on my beauty loving friend. Continue reading

The July Birthday GoodieBox

photo 1 (23) The July Birthday GoodieBox arrived at my doorstep a few days ago now, and it felt good to untie the pretty black ribbon for the first time. After being a little disappointed with my previous subscription box (you can check out my review of Violet Box here) I decided to give GoodieBox a whirl – and lets be honest I had been thinking about signing up for ages! This box follows the same kind of story, you sign up for a monthly subscription – which for GoodieBox is $29 a month + postage, and receive a parcel in the mail once a month with 5 beauty products being a combination of sample and full size. Continue reading