How to stop washing your hair everyday

stop washing your hair

This year I had a goal: to stop washing my hair every single day. Since I was about 14 years old I have been a mega over washer of my hair due to the extra oil brought on by being a hormonal teenager, and thats where the habit began. Now at 24 my hair is a little less oily but the habit has remained. I wanted more time to sleep in, less time with my hair dryer and to impose less damage on my hair. I was also off on a holiday to Thailand and didn’t want to spend my days washing, drying and styling only to rinse and repeat the next morning.

The challenge started with a purchase of dry shampoo. I chose Bastiste dry shampoo which you can pick up from the supermarket and Farmers. I took this along with my hair oil, heat protectant and Tangle Teezer and decided I would try and wash my hair every third day or every other day.

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