How to wear coloured eyeliner

coloured eyeliner

It can be hard to stray from your usual ‘as black as my soul’ eyeliner, so today I share some tips on how to wear purple eyeliner – or any other coloured eyeliner. Coloured eyeliner can be a really cool and easy way to change up your usual look, you can do it in a subtle way going for navy blue, forest green or dark purple or go super bright with neons.

You can also chose colours to compliment your eye colour, copper and gold for blue eyes, purple and bronze for green, midnight blue for brown eyes and emerald green and gold for Hazel. But obviously there are no rules and playing around with different shades is the best way to figure out what works for you. Continue reading

How To: Wash Your Make Up Brushes

photo 1 (17) Washing your make up brushes, a fun task? Not really! But an essential task – YES! Regularly washing your make up brushes is one sure way to lessen the amount of bacteria that gets on your face. Think of all the dirt, make up, oil, dust and ick that probably builds up over time on your brushes – looking after your skin means looking after your brushes. Besides, cleaning them carefully will keep your brushes in good condition and working well. There are many different brush cleaning methods which people use, below is the method I am currently using which has come about with a bit of trial and error and recommendations from friends and other beauty addicts. Continue reading

Please Mr Postman! My guide to maintaining your sanity while waiting for that package


waiting cat The excitement and general jolly-ness of purchasing something online makes me all warm and toasty inside. I generally think very carefully about my online purchases and spend a lot of time shopping around to get the best deal, so when I finally decide to click that ‘check out’ button you know something good is going down (to the local or not so local post shop).That happy heart rate increases again as soon as you get a friendly ‘your parcel is on it’s way’ message, but then comes the dark hour/days/weeks/omg please no not months of waiting. And waiting, and waiting. Have a look at my guide/list of how to get through this troubling time! Continue reading

Using YouShop – my experiences and advice

Call it a first world problem, but I had been uhhmmm-ing and ahhhh-ing about using YouShop for a really long time, to the point where I literally couldn’t get it off my mind and Black Friday (American sale day of the year) deals were vibrating in my email inbox. YouShop is an amazing service, but it can be confusing and worrying at first, so I thought I would share my experience with you all.  Continue reading