My guide to shopping through China

shopping in china

Nihao! Here is my guide to shopping through China! Last week I arrived back in Auckland from a 10 day trip in China and started unpacking my suitcase and unloading my shopping bags. Although most of what I brought home was gifts and small souvenirs, you know there’s no way your girl didn’t come back with a bit of makeup!

During my trip I visited Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai. Each city was really different, even in terms of the shopping. There were market stalls on the side of the road, local malls, tourist malls, luxury brand malls and shopping streets. Here are my top picks for beauty stores and shopping experiences in China.  Continue reading

five adorable cat themed cosmetics

cat themed cosmetics

Going to the makeup section of a department store can get pretty overwhelming.  There are so many products to choose from.  You’d need to spend hours to take a look at them all (sometimes I do!).  In that respect, Asian makeup does better than western brands.  A lot of collections have adorable and eye-catching packaging.

Since I’m a cat lover, one way to get me to buy a product is to put some cute cat art on the box.  If the product itself has some feline qualities, even better.  Laura has kindly invited to share some of my favorite cat themed cosmetic items on her blog. Continue reading

Korean Kiwi Beauty Review

korean kiwi beauty review

Korean Kiwi Beauty is an online store which is new to NZ. They stock a huge range of Korean beauty products and brands, even those that can usually be tricky to find and get hold of! Over the past two weeks I have been trying out a range of goodies sent to me by Korean Kiwi Beauty. Here are my first impressions of the products and also my review of the Korean Kiwi Beauty service. Continue reading

Korean Beauty Spring Favourites

Korean beauty Spring favourites

Here are my current Korean beauty Spring favourites! For Spring I like to focus on keeping my skin well moisturised and oil free. I usually start to go for lighter coverage makeup as the days get hotter and go from heavy smokey winter eyes to classic winged liner and nude lips, and these products cover all that! Continue reading

Etude House Styling Eye Liner review

Etude House eye liner

In my current quest to try out more Korean beauty products, Things of Beauty Boutique sent me the Etude House Styling Eye Liner to test out. Etude House is one of the more well known Korean Beauty brands, however I have only ever tried out one of their highlighters. I was also really keen to try out Things of Beauty Boutique, which is an NZ based online store that stocks makeup, jewellery and accessories. Continue reading

Makeup cravings (or addictions)

makeup addiction memes

I’m having makeup cravings. There’s really no rhyme or reason, and I didn’t just win the lottery either. I just want all the makeup. Two nights this week I have sat on the couch filling up online shopping carts and then having a little laugh to myself when either I see the total cost in USD, or I see the shipping price to get the goods to NZ. To date, I have made one actual purchase based on these cravings and currently have two full shopping carts open in my browser. I’m also tweeting my makeup friend Elese, as she has offered to let me ship some things to her place in Australia which she will forward over to me. As I said, makeup cravings, major ones…. Continue reading

Korean Beauty Haul – best friend edition

Korean Beauty Haul 2016

My best friend, Melissa, is currently living it up in Korea, which means two things. Firstly, I miss her heaps, but at the same time I am crazy proud of her and secondly, Korean beauty products! Recently her and our other best friends who are in NZ with me decided to post each other some goodies. It was also Melissa’s birthday recently so we wanted to send her something for that too. You can see what NZ goodies we sent her at the bottom of the post, but for now check out what she sent me.

You can tell we have been friends for a long time because everything she sent me I am totally in love with!  Continue reading

Do those peel off lip tint things actually work?

lip tint

Do those peel off lip tint things actually work? I asked myself as I grabbed one off the shelf at Sephora and started inspecting the packaging. I had seen the videos online where a girl covers her lips in a thick looking lip gloss, waits a moment, and then joyfully peels it off to reveal a pretty coloured long lasting lip tint underneath. Cool right? But it seemed a bit too good to be true, so I purchased one and did the investigating for you.  Continue reading

My current daily essentials – Part 1

daily makeup essentials

I have such a ridiculous amount of products on and in my makeup desk that sometimes it’s really interesting to stop and take stock of what I actually use as my daily essentials. There’s some new products in there and some discovered favourites, sometimes one of the best things is trying out a product you haven’t used in a while and falling in love with it all over again. I’ve split this post into two parts, because I didn’t want it to get too wordy!

♥ Face

MAC Studio Fix Fluid // I use to wear this foundation like all day every day, but then I think I got MAC Pro Long Wear and started wearing that out more and then BB cream on more relaxed days and this just sat at my makeup desk doing nothing. My MUA friend reminded me how great it is for oily skin and so I gave it another whirl! I really don’t know why I stopped using it now, it’s so build-able and keeps all the shine away.

MAC Studio Fix Powder // I originally purchased this powder to wear on it’s own as a lighter foundation for work, but it didn’t really work for me that way. Continue reading

The Meme Box – Korean beauty samples and a goodie box rolled into one

A Meme box is a type of goodie/sample box you may not have heard of yet – but trust me, you want to know about it!The Korean website is not only an awesome online beauty store to get all your favourite Korean brand products but also a sample box provider. Each month they have a huge selection of boxes which you can sign up for – ranging from skin care to make up, hair products to colour themed boxes, there is definitely a type of box for everyone, even the boys! Better yet you can just buy a box whenever you want – there’s no monthly sign up or anything like that, but you can also buy value packs and there’s discounts sometimes when you buy more then one at a time. It’s important to note that the nature of the boxes is that it’s a surprise of what you will get. Sometimes depending on the box you get clues – e.g. the theme of the box or a hint sentence or picture of one of the products. Meme Box promises that they will curate your box with products which give you a Korean beauty experience with high quality products. Continue reading