E.L.F Haul – featuring their new brush range

E.L.F Haul

It had been awhile since an E.L.F package turned up on my doorstep, so it was time for a haul. I has spotted that they had a few new brushes and it was also my besties b-day (she happens to also be an E.L.F fan) so it was just meant to be.

E.L.F brushes

The brushes above are both new designs. The contouring brush is designed simply just for that. I love that there is finally a brush in this style from an affordable brand. On first impressions the bristles are soft and dense – exactly what I would expect from a contouring brush. Continue reading

MAC Hip N Happy Lip Liner – the perfect base for pinks and nudes

mac hip n happy Lip liners are a really big thing at the moment, did you know you can even get lip liner tattooed on your lips?!? I prefer to go for something a lot less permanent, at the moment my absolute favourite is Hip N Happy from MAC. Hip N Happy is a cool toned, blue based pink shadow which comes in a pencil form that can be sharpened. ย The formula is creamy and super easy to use, however I do find it can drag just a tiny bit on my lips, but it’s not enough to worry me as it doesn’t actually pull.

I like this shade so much that I Continue reading

Cherry Culture NYX Haul

nyx haul imageYesterday I received my mini NYX haul from Cherry Culture. I needed a few NYX bits and bobs and was impressed that Cherry Culture had the cheapest prices out of a lot of different make up sites (including the official NYX online store!). They also ship to NZ for a reasonable price, so there was no YouShop hassle. My order took about three days to be processed and then shipping took around 5 days from the US to my door step. Continue reading