MAC pink lipstick comparisons

mac pink lipsticks comparisons

Isn’t it funny how when you are a fan of a particular colour you unconsciously collect lipsticks in that shade, although you swear in the shop they looked totally different?! For me it all started with my first ever MAC Cosmetics purchase of Saint Germain, the perfect Barbie pink, and I’ve been collecting lipsticks on the paler side of cool toned pink for years now. Today I’m going to do a MAC pink lipsticks comparison of these four lipsticks, which are all super beautiful in their own way, but also a little similar. Continue reading

‘What’s in her bag?’ #2 – Featuring my bestie Melissa!

Mel Bag

You know how when you were young you always, always wished that your best friend lived next door? Melissa and I are literally living that dream! After becoming friends on our first day of intermediate school (we saved each other from being total loners), and 13 years later we are still super tight and since last Christmas, neighbors!!

Melissa always impresses me with the amount of lip products she has in her bag at any given time. Continue reading