Big Bucket Sale Haul – August

Big Bucket Sale Haul

I went shopping on the weekend and ended up with this Big Bucket Sale haul. The last few Big Bucket Sales I’ve been to have been so disappointing, and although this one wasn’t like the good old days I did managed to find a few goodies. I was excited to find the Batiste Dry Shampoo because I practically live off this stuff. The other products were just things that sparked my interest! Continue reading

May empties


Here are my May empties! My Garnier Perfect Blur and Loreal Infallible primers are empty. The Blinc mascara I received in my Talk Beauty NZ event goodie bag has dried up, I’ve hit pan on my MAC SkinFinish and I’m already on another bottle of Elevens’ Miracle Hair Treatment. In a bid to be better at removing my makeup before bed I’ve used up my travel size Blue Coconut Coconut Oil, at the same time my Beauty Blender (the first one I ever tried!) is going into retirement.  Continue reading

L’Oreal Infallible 24H Matte Foundation review

L'Oreal Infallible 24H Matte Foundation

There has been a lot of chat about one of the newer L’Oreal foundations, the Infallible 24H-Matte foundation. I love a good matte foundation especially when it doesn’t cost a trillion dollars, so I decided to give it a go along with it’s partner in crime; the L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base. Turns out it has become my go-to foundation  for when I need full coverage, the primer however still needs some investigation. Continue reading

L’Oreal Haul – Lipsticks, Foundation and the new Skin Perfection range

Something I have discovered this weekend is that it is not a good idea to go out browsing a few shelves at Famers if you:

A) have just watched a Shaaanxo video and have fallen in love with the products used

B) Know that the bank account is looking low but are kind of in a bit of a YOLO mood

C) Can’t actually wear much makeup at the moment anyways and have a desperate want to compensate the sadness from this by purchasing more makeup.

You guessed it, I was all of the above! A little wander through St Lukes Shopping Mall turned into a four product L’Oreal haul. Although do I regret any of it?! Hell no! I seriously cannot wait to get all these products up on my face. Continue reading

Weekend Big Bucket Haul – eye shadows and essentials

photo (16) This weekend I popped in with a few friends to yet another Big Bucket Sale. It was a spontaneous visit as we had an hour before heading off to get ready for Ellie Goulding. I was pretty keen to stock up on my favourite baby/face wipes and didn’t really have anything else in mind. However, of course I left with few more items than just baby wipes! Continue reading

Kim Kardashians wedding make up cost how much?!?

Trust me, it’s not as much as you would expect!

kim k wedding look

Mario Dedivanovic was the make up artist/genius behind Kims look on her big day just a few weeks ago now. Mario recently released some details over Instagram about how he created Kims look. As I lusted over her flawless, fresh base, smooth smokey eyes and that pinky nude lip colour, I would have never have guessed that the products used were Continue reading

Big Bucket Deals Auckland Haul – a little disappointing

1014054_10152054377977513_432864703_nThis weekend I headed off to the Big Bucket Deals Auckland event in Greenlane, I have been attending these sales each time they come to town for about two years now and I always come away with a deal or two. This time to be honest I was pretty disappointed with the size of the sale and the range of products, there were a lot less products for sale than normal. Although I like how it seems that they are getting in a lot more household products, the hair care range is getting smaller each time and the place was a total hot mess. I also just noticed a day later that one of the products is marked as a sample and not for sale…. hmmmm… bit odd? Despite my small gripes I did get a few goodies for quite good prices, so take a look! Continue reading