L’Oreal Haul – Lipsticks, Foundation and the new Skin Perfection range

Something I have discovered this weekend is that it is not a good idea to go out browsing a few shelves at Famers if you:

A) have just watched a Shaaanxo video and have fallen in love with the products used

B) Know that the bank account is looking low but are kind of in a bit of a YOLO mood

C) Can’t actually wear much makeup at the moment anyways and have a desperate want to compensate the sadness from this by purchasing more makeup.

You guessed it, I was all of the above! A little wander through St Lukes Shopping Mall turned into a four product L’Oreal haul. Although do I regret any of it?! Hell no! I seriously cannot wait to get all these products up on my face. Continue reading