My Favourite MAC Cosmetics products

MAC Favorites

These are my favourite MAC Cosmetics products. The ones which I re-buy and use on a regular basis, the kind I would consider to be makeup essentials and the products I would recommend if someone was buying MAC products for the first time. MAC Cosmetics has such a huge range of products that I find it interesting my favourites are mostly base products and quite kind of plain. I guess it goes to show that the classics are often the best! Continue reading

My current daily essentials – Part 1

daily makeup essentials

I have such a ridiculous amount of products on and in my makeup desk that sometimes it’s really interesting to stop and take stock of what I actually use as my daily essentials. There’s some new products in there and some discovered favourites, sometimes one of the best things is trying out a product you haven’t used in a while and falling in love with it all over again. I’ve split this post into two parts, because I didn’t want it to get too wordy!

♥ Face

MAC Studio Fix Fluid // I use to wear this foundation like all day every day, but then I think I got MAC Pro Long Wear and started wearing that out more and then BB cream on more relaxed days and this just sat at my makeup desk doing nothing. My MUA friend reminded me how great it is for oily skin and so I gave it another whirl! I really don’t know why I stopped using it now, it’s so build-able and keeps all the shine away.

MAC Studio Fix Powder // I originally purchased this powder to wear on it’s own as a lighter foundation for work, but it didn’t really work for me that way. Continue reading