My current MAC Wish List

MAC makeup

You may have noticed that I’ve got a thing for MAC, so much so that I often have a bit of a MAC wish list going on. When I see a product I like I add it to the list, look up swatches and reviews, ask friends about them and then finally go on a bit of a shopping spree either in store or online. I’ve got a bit of a list at the moment and I would love to see what you all think. Also, tell me I’m not crazy, you all have wish lists hidden away too right?!? Continue reading

Instagram Round up July

My Instagram has been full of colour this month so I decided it was time for a round up!

♥ Last weekend I went out to Silo Park with some friends and we ended up at Thai Street for dinner. The food here is so yum and also reasonably priced, the only thing I dislike is these random metal cups they give you for water. In the snap is one of my best friends, Jason!

♥ On the blog was my collection of products I buy over and over again – including E.L.F, Lioele and lots more, check out my holy grails here!

♥ A regram from Soap and Glory was showing what I would rather be doing – pink cocktails and candy, yes please!

♥ These bright lip looks from MAC Cosmetics and the stunning dark purple lip from Gerard Cosmetics had me all lip inspired. I ended up trying out a dark red shade (Buda-pash by Australis) which I had always thought wouldn’t suit me and I ended up loving it! Continue reading

Things I keep buying over and over again

top beauty favourites No matter how many products I try and buy there are certain things that I keep buying over and over again, why? Because they are damn good! Isn’t it funny that even when you have quite a selection of products to choose from there will always be that one that you’ll choose first over the others. Continue reading

Do you have back up beauty products?


MAC, Stila, Chi Chi, Loreal, ELF foundation

Do you have back up beauty products? Turns out, I do.

In fact I have more than I really realised. I’m one of those people that does’t like to be without something that I feel I’ll need at some point. Yes, some people may call this hoarding, but I really don’t like that term because these are just products I need to store until a time when I will totally, definitely use them. I’m also no crazy coupon-er (see Extreme Couponing), but that’s not to say I don’t take advantage of a good deal. Am I obsessive? Free Dictionary states that being ‘obsessive’ is to be “continually preoccupied with a particular activity, thing or person” – so use of this adjective with my collection of back up beauty products is not wrong.  Continue reading

MAC Wash & Dry Collection

WASH AND DRY_Ambient_72

MAC Wash & Dry hits the stores on the 1st of June and I am so excited.

“It’s full steam ahead as the M·A·C Wash & Dry Laundromat opens for business, so make a date with good, clean fun.The suds are rising and the gossip is flowing with this breezy bronzing collection inspired by bright,fresh hues perfect for a full spin or just a quick tumble. All in super-sleek packaging to set your cycle to chic!”  Continue reading

February Favourites


I have been super lucky lately with the fact that so many of the products I have tried recently have turned out to be major successes. Hence I am back into my monthly favourites with a real bang! February sees quite a range of mostly new (for me) beauty products and also a few rediscoveries. Let’s get into it!! Continue reading

MAC Hip N Happy Lip Liner – the perfect base for pinks and nudes

mac hip n happy Lip liners are a really big thing at the moment, did you know you can even get lip liner tattooed on your lips?!? I prefer to go for something a lot less permanent, at the moment my absolute favourite is Hip N Happy from MAC. Hip N Happy is a cool toned, blue based pink shadow which comes in a pencil form that can be sharpened.  The formula is creamy and super easy to use, however I do find it can drag just a tiny bit on my lips, but it’s not enough to worry me as it doesn’t actually pull.

I like this shade so much that I Continue reading

Cinderella MAC Collection


With the arrival of the new Cinderella movie comes the Cinderella MAC collection. In all its baby blue packaging with a touch of gold, and as expected every shade has a princess shimmer to it. MAC Cinderella will be released online on on the 26th of February and then be in stores  on March the 5th in America (international in-store date is yet to be confirmed all according to trend

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Continue reading

Thailand Makeup Haul

IMG_0793 I am back for 2015, firstly with a Thailand makeup haul. As many of you know I spent the first three weeks of the year exploring three different cities in Thailand – and of course I did some shopping! Thailand is lucky to host some amazingly huge malls as well as a lot of makeup filled pharmacies and Sephora! I managed to get a few good products and quite a few things off my makeup wish list while I was there. It was so interesting looking at the different brands and products which haven’t made it to NZ shores yet. I also discovered my new favourite makeup shop… can anyone guess what it is?! Continue reading