Q&A with Kirsty Leigh! Makeup Obsessives extraordinaire!


Kirsty Leigh is THE Makeup Obesessives extraordinaire! Not only running the extremely popular Makeup Obsessives Facebook page (along with her fab team of admin) she also runs and writes for her MUO blog and for a bunch of other websites – including being one of my BloggersClub buddies! I like that whatever the topic Kirsty still makes me laugh and I really appreciate her honesty and positivity. I want to know all of her secrets! So I put together these ten questions to get a bit of insight – enjoy!

♥ 1) What’s the story behind you deciding to create the MUO facebook page?

I’d been a part of a couple of Continue reading

Korean beauties and brands – a beautynet korea review

beauty net koreaEver since the outburst of BB creams into the western world I have kept my eye on Korean beauty products and brands, and my love for them has grown bigger and bigger. It seems that Asian beauty brands, especially in Korea, are always on the cusp of new breakthrough ingredients and they also have the most cutest packaging I’ve ever seen! Continue reading