No Buy July

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This month I found myself unintentionally involved in No Buy July. A time of the year where people use a cute rhyme to try and stop spending so much money or ban themselves from buying particular items. I’ve never really thought to get involved in one of these month goal things because I believe if you want to do something or change something then there’s no better time than now. Also, imagine having to wait to start a goal until a month came around which you could rhyme with! But, at the start of the month without realising it, I declared to myself and a few friends that I wasn’t buying any makeup this month – and accidental No Buy July begun.  Continue reading

Why puppies and makeup go together like peanut butter and jelly

cute puppy

Puppies and makeup are a really good combination. Like bread and butter, peanut butter and jelly or the way your foundation glides smoothly onto your skin when you find the perfect primer to match it. Puppies are man’s best friend and I consider makeup as girl’s best friend, it’s a perfect combination. Although makeup has been in my life since I was about 11 or 12 and Yeezus, my cute miniature pomeranian is only two years old, I still love them both equally. Here are my reasons why being a dog owner is awesome, and even more awesome when you are obsessed with makeup. Continue reading

Amazing Halloween Makeup Inspiration – throwback!

. Halloween makeup looks

Halloween is the perfect excuse to get amazingly creative with your makeup, to help you out I have put together some incredible looks and inspiration for wherever you’re heading on October the 31st. Although of course Halloween is suppose to be about the spooky and the scary, I can’t stop looking at all the cute and clever makeup – so there’s a lot of that here! Let me know what you think of these looks and whether you are going to try any out for yourself this Halloween!

. Ursula Makeup Halloween disney

Halloween is no dress up party until someone turns up in a Disney inspired costume. This look above is so precise, even down to the Continue reading

How to get your makeup on fast!


We have all been there – you get super late notice about something and need to run out the door when you have literally just got out of bed… or maybe you just slept through your alarms a couple too many times. You feel like you need to put on some makeup, but you need to be super, super fast! Here are my tips for putting your makeup on fast. It’s much better to keep it really simple and no fuss. Continue reading

How to stop spending so much money on makeup

expensive beauty

So you’re broke and you have about 20 foundations that have never even been touched – it’s time to stop spending so much money on makeup. When makeup is your thing, your hobby and it is something you surround yourself in (Facebook groups, following Instagram accounts, reading blogs, watching hauls on YouTube) it can be tough at first to kick the habit of spending too much, but there are some super simple little things you can do which will make a huge difference to your bank account. And it is totally do-able without any tears and tantrums.

Continue reading

Peachy keen truths from a pink blush girl – MAC blush review


23mac-blush-peaches-h724-jpg_222718Until a few months ago the only shade of blush I had ever worn was pink. Light pink, dark pink, glittery pink, soft pink – literally all the pinks! At first glance I was really put off by wearing hints of peach on my cheeks, what about that slightly flushed pinky look? But now, one of my favourite blushes is ‘Peaches’ a sheertone blush by MAC. Continue reading