Giveaway Time! Thanks to my 200+ Instagram Followers!!!!!!!!

insta giveaway 2 You heard right – It’s Giveaway Time! To celebrate Laura Loves Beauty Blog getting over 200 followers on Instagram I have decided to put together a few goodies of products from some of my favourite brands to give away to one lucky person!

Giveaway includes:

♥ Lime Crime Lipstick in ‘Babette’ in 6TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION PACKAGING!

♥ Maybelline Continue reading

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer – what it is and where to get it.


baby skin “Bye-Bye Pores! One second away from smooth, poreless skin” There has been a bit of talk lately about this new fandangled primer from Maybelline – Is it any good? How much is it? Will / when will it be available in NZ? Don’t worry your pretty faces everyone, because I have all the answers right here! Continue reading

May Favourites – hair care, coconuts and new make up

May favsThis month it was actually really difficult to chose just a few favourites because I’ll be honest, I’ve been on a bit of a spree. The kind of spree where each day you come home from work and there’s a little package waiting to be opened. And although I possibly don’t own up to all of those packages, (“oh what, oh that tiny package? Nah, that’s just something I ordered aaaaages ago”) I can definitely say that a package a day makes a beauty blogger’s month of May! Continue reading