Maybelline Master Fix Setting Powder Review

Maybelline Master Fix Setting Powder

On a whim I recently bought the Maybelline Master Fix Setting Powder, a new Maybelline product which is said to set and perfect. It’s a translucent powder which can be dusted lightly on top of your makeup to set your foundation. As with most setting powders, this product is mattifying to get rid of excess shine. Products which give my face a matte finish and keep the afternoon shiny disco ball face away are part of my daily makeup routine, so I’ve tried a fair few setting powders! I decided to review the Maybelline Master Fix Setting Powder against the rest. Continue reading

Top Beauty Products of 2016 – Part 1


Today I’m sharing my top beauty products of 2016! 2016 was a big year for beauty, there was sandbagging, strobing, spray on nail polish, lipsticks with real flowers inside them and who can mention 2016 beauty trends without giving Kylie and her Lip Kits a wink? I tried out quite a lot of new products and brands in 2016, but reviewing my favourites is quite interesting as I can see I have some ultimate favourites which may never change! However, I am very open to finding new favourite products in 2017! This is part 1 featuring mainly face and base products. Continue reading

Big Bucket Haul – November

Big Bucket Haul

Here is my November Big Bucket Haul! I heard that Big Bucket Sales are closing down, so I thought I better go before they end forever (although I’ll be honest I’m not sure if I believe they are actually closing down? I feel it could be like those rug sales that are forever popping up!). As always I was keen to pop in to get some dry shampoo as it is one of my life essentials. And I was keen to see what else was there and whether the closing down prices would be super cheap. It turned out that they had an extra 30% off marked prices for all cosmetic items, which meant I got some pretty sweet bargains. Continue reading

Maybelline Super BB & The Hyper Curl Volum’ Express mascara

Maybelline Super BB

The Maybelline Super BB and the Hyper Curl Volum’ Express mascara are two of my favourite purchases from my most recent Thailand shopping haul. I purchased both of them on a whim during one of my mega sprees at Eve&Boy. The Super BB originally caught my eye because the stand was insanely crowded by Thai teenagers who were practically ripping the product off the shelf. I decided on the Hyper Curl Volum’ Express because it was the first mascara I had seen which labelled as ‘easy wash’ something I knew my sensitive eyes would love.  Continue reading

Autumn makeup pack giveaway!


You could win all of this in our awesome autumn makeup pack giveaway!

Up for grabs is an Elizabeth Arden cream eye shadow, a Za fresh foamy cleanser, an Essie nail polish, a Maybelline Colour Molten eye shadow duo and an Australis Velourlips matte lip colour. All you need to do is head over to the Laura Loves Beauty Blog Facebook page and comment on the giveaway with your favourite autumn shade/colour. Super easy! Continue reading

Laura Loves Beauty Blog B-Day Giveaway!

bday giveaway

It recently occurred to me that Laura Loves Beauty has hit a milestone, we are one years old!! So it’s a bit of a belated celebration considering everything kicked off over here at Laura Loves sometime during the month of February a year ago. However, we shall celebrate all the same in the best way I know how! WITH A GIVEAWAY!


Continue reading

Maybelline Matte Maker Review – Rimmel Stay Matte Fans Pay Attention!

maybelline matte maker

Maybelline’s Matte Maker is a relatively new member of the Maybelline family. Yup, makeup has family too. I picked this up on a total whim awhile ago when The Warehouse was having a 25% off Maybelline sale. As someone with oily/combo skin I very often use a mattifying powder on top of foundation to keep the shine away and to set everything in place. It’s something that I take with me on my daily travels incase I need to pat a bit around my face later in the day. So I guess you could say that I knew I would use Matte Maker at some point e.g. a totally justified purchase haha.

I usually use MAC Prep + Prime transparent finishing powder and it works a treat, although I am really liking having Matte Maker as an alternative to take out with me as we all know that MAC isn’t cheap and sometimes i’m a bit precious with my MAC products. And yes by saying this I mean that I use Matte Maker instead of my Prep + Prime powder and it’s like the same thing – cue dramatic music. The only killer difference is the shade, Maybelline Matte Maker comes in three shades with no transparent option. However this isn’t an issue for me at all because I haven’t noticed a difference in colour on my face after using either product.  Continue reading

Random Weekend Haul #2 – Farmers, The Warehouse, Lush and a Big Bucket Sale

random weekend haul 2 This Saturday I ended up grabbing a few items on a day out and about – which turned into a bit of an unexpected random weekend haul – but seriously almost every store I walked into was having a sale. I also haven’t gone out and purchased make up in what feels like truly forever as I have decided to be bit more careful with my money at the moment. But it’s cool right? Because almost everything was on sale (nod your head with me here). Any ways have a peek at the bargains I picked up! Continue reading

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer – what it is and where to get it.


baby skin “Bye-Bye Pores! One second away from smooth, poreless skin” There has been a bit of talk lately about this new fandangled primer from Maybelline – Is it any good? How much is it? Will / when will it be available in NZ? Don’t worry your pretty faces everyone, because I have all the answers right here! Continue reading

Weekend Big Bucket Haul – eye shadows and essentials

photo (16) This weekend I popped in with a few friends to yet another Big Bucket Sale. It was a spontaneous visit as we had an hour before heading off to get ready for Ellie Goulding. I was pretty keen to stock up on my favourite baby/face wipes and didn’t really have anything else in mind. However, of course I left with few more items than just baby wipes! Continue reading