Monthly Round Up – November

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Can you even believe that it is now December? I knew it was coming soon and I knew Christmas was close, but now the reality of it is really starting to hit me. I have this handy Countdown app on my phone that has been helping keep track of how much longer I have until a few important dates. Right now, drafting this post up on the 30th of November I have 8 days until I finish work for the year, there’s 24 days until Christmas and 31 days until I leave for Thailand. That countdown has got me through some long work days this month, but now the end is near! I have managed to start my Xmas shopping, have you? And I also have had some busy weekends at some awesome Auckland events. Continue reading

Monthly Round Up – October

October is when I start really looking at plans for the end of the year. I can tell you right now that at this exact moment I have 41 days until I finish work officially for the year, there’s 58 days till Christmas and then 65 days until my Thailand trip! It’s been strange getting use to the lighter evenings these last few weeks, but I have really enjoyed it because I have had quite a few late nights at work and it has been nice not to be getting home in the pitch black. My skin and allergies are still playing up, so again this month I have been in and out of the doctors and haven’t been able to wear much makeup either. Despite that and working A LOT,  I have managed to have a few fun times this month and have successfully been sugar free for the whole month!! Woo hoo!! Continue reading

Monthly Round Up – September

monthly round up september

September is always a really big month for me. Spring sets in, I have my birthday and then my best friends a week later and also school holidays always hit just at the end of the month. The start of spring reminds me that summer isn’t too far away either and that it’s time to come out of winter hibernation! I’ve had a pretty busy month with lots of dinners out and also had to deal with being sick for half of the month and not being able to wear makeup =( but now the days are sunnier and longer it’s onwards and upwards! Continue reading

Monthly Round Up – August

monthly round up august Hey Beauties! Welcome to my August Monthly Round Up. This is a new piece up on the blog that I have decided to try out and see what you all think of it. I am hoping it will add a bit more of a personal touch to the blog and let me share a few different things with you. Since it’s a new feature I would really like your feedback – let me know what you like and what you don’t like. Continue reading