Naked Basics Palette Review – Do I use it even though I already have Naked2 & 3?


The Naked Basics Palette collection are like the cute little babies of the Naked collection. Small, cute, easy to carry around and they just have the bare essentials – no extra baggage. I found myself lusting a lot over the Naked Basics palettes even though I already own Naked 2 & 3 – you know how that justification process goes in your head

Practical voice: Will I even use it? I mean, seriously, I already have two.

Not so practical voice: Yes you totally will, and look how easy they are for travelling!

Practical: You are suppose to be saving and really don’t need another god damn eye shadow palette.

Not so: Your favorite shade Booty Call has hit pan and Naked Basics will make everything okay again! And besides, you don’t even have Naked 1 so it’s not ridiculous at all!

And the not so practical voice wins out once again, hey, it had some really strong points.

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How much is your face worth?

doodle-1016-money-bagsIs your morning face worth more than your evening face? What about your party face? Work face? First date face? Have you ever considered what your face could be ‘worth’ once you have done your made up face for the day? After reading Morgan from Hyacinth girl beauty‘s blog ‘ My $2000 face’ – I decided to put my usual morning work face to the test, so counting up the price of all the products used on my face in one make up application, what’s my face worth? And what does hundreds of dollars worth of product on a face even look like? Continue reading

Seven Sins of Beauty

keep calm wear lipstickScrolling through my reader ‘Seven Sins of Beauty’ caught my eye, so I thought I would do my first ever beauty/blog tag! I spotted this first on Just like her I was also waiting on a MAC order, well more like procrastinating about hitting the ‘pay now’ button on the MAC US website…. I still haven’t done it… but I want to so bad!

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