February Favourites


I have been super lucky lately with the fact that so many of the products I have tried recently have turned out to be major successes. Hence I am back into my monthly favourites with a real bang! February sees quite a range of mostly new (for me) beauty products and also a few rediscoveries. Let’s get into it!! Continue reading

Naked Basics Palette Review – Do I use it even though I already have Naked2 & 3?


The Naked Basics Palette collection are like the cute little babies of the Naked collection. Small, cute, easy to carry around and they just have the bare essentials – no extra baggage. I found myself lusting a lot over the Naked Basics palettes even though I already own Naked 2 & 3 – you know how that justification process goes in your head

Practical voice: Will I even use it? I mean, seriously, I already have two.

Not so practical voice: Yes you totally will, and look how easy they are for travelling!

Practical: You are suppose to be saving and really don’t need another god damn eye shadow palette.

Not so: Your favorite shade Booty Call has hit pan and Naked Basics will make everything okay again! And besides, you don’t even have Naked 1 so it’s not ridiculous at all!

And the not so practical voice wins out once again, hey, it had some really strong points.

I love how compact Continue reading