Why do I always buy the same shade of lipstick?

pink lipstick

Why do I always buy the same shade of lipstick? And come to think of it, most of my blushers are exactly the same shade too! I can’t figure out if this is totally on purpose or if I just completely forget that I already have about a trillion products in this barbie pink shade already when I’m out shopping. Bet you can guess what my favourite colour is! Continue reading

Sneak Peak! Lorde’s collaboration with MAC


Not long ago it was announced that Lorde would blend her unique style with MAC cosmetics to create a limited edition collection – to me it seemed perfect timing with purple lipstick already becoming a huge fall/winter trend and Lorde’s style becoming more and more in the spotlight. Today the twitter account @Lordenews released an image of four dark shaded lipsticks as a peek of Lorde’s collection – however, Continue reading