Frank Scrub VS. Selfie Scrub – which coffee scrub is better for you?

frank vs selfie Coffee scrubs are the talk of the town, and if someone said to me “tell me the two most popular coffee scrubs out there, right now and you will win $100 dollars” I would tell them Frank and Selfie scrub and I would totes be $100 bucks richer. But here comes the hard part… what one do you buy? I am coffee scrub crazy and have bought both over the last few months, and therefore here for you today I have an almost mathematical comparison to help you decide. Seriously this table below is about as math related as I get. Let the prices, shipping details and ingredients help you decide before checking out my personal preference below.  Continue reading

September Favourites

september favourites

Not being able to wear makeup for half of the month has really forced me back to concentrating on the basics of looking after my skin, hair and tools. I have had to be really careful with what I use around my eyes especially (if you haven’t read about my eye reaction drama click hereso more natural products have been my go to! I also over the last few months have become obsessed with Complexions – a brand new NZ online store that stocks the most amazing products, many of which are usually quite difficult to find close to home.

♥ Bdellium Tools Makeup brushes

I grabbed a few of these fabulous makeup brushes after reading Morgans comparison with one of her prized MAC brushes and I was definitely Continue reading